Monday, March 2, 2015

Body Lymphatic Massage shower: renew life

Sacred Paste of Lymphatic Drainage .

Physically: Long term body fatigue, stress and aches.
Mentally: Unknown anger , unhappy and irritable. Instant relieve.

Sandalwood Powder Spa Grade can be found :

A mixture that I share for u only. 8th March will share another recipe.

1) 1 teaspoon of Bryan's sandalwood
2) 20 drops rice bran oil or immortella facial oil or royablue chamomile facial oil
3) teaspoon of sugar fine
4) 3 drops eucalytpus
5) 3 drops lavendula
6) a teaspoon honey and also 10drops rose water
7) a tablespoon water or 2, or more, make to liquid paste, scrub body and behind neck or ear.

Mix the paste. In shower after shower, pour mixture to chest and massage whole body.

First warm the body by shower rinse body with warm water. Than off water, apply the paste whole body and massage the area that need most attention.

For me I massage 10 times gentle with the paste at the brown area as shown. Picture is extracted from the website is not property of omhealth.

When massaged, the oil enters into the body through the pores, softening the skin and lubricating the joints. It is also used for autoimmune diseases, gout, inflammation, problems due to excess heat and Pitta doshas
Application: Pinda Tailam is used only for external application. Warm the oil and apply all over the body or the affected area. Massage the area. Leave it there for 1 hour and wash with hot water and soap. There are no reported side effects.

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