Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 New Blend Stay Tune

Bryan Lao Shi Charity MOVE 2015
9th April: Provide lunch for 60 elderly.
April period: To share healing method for joint pain with Tibetan doctor so they can go back and help alot of poor elderly having joint issues. 
picture from Jerrod Maruyama 

A) Purity and Tranquility (Miracle Blend) $50

Is a special blend created to feel love. Deep inside in you is a fountain of healing love energy. This scent will remind you of 
parental love and love from Universe. Is a love love love oil and activate your body self healing energy.

Lovable Mix: Mandarin,Lavendula,Vanilla,Rose Absolute, Violet, Vetivier, Sage.
This few oil, ratio must be correct to achieve the effect. Each blend takes me ages to produce.

A scent blend  to communicate positive emotions of…joy, love, gratitude, happiness, sympathy.

Lavendula Testimonial:

I love this fresh lavendula vera oil. The baby of how omhealth is born.


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