Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bryan Tea Tea FOR YOU

This tea helps proper digestion as it nourish the stomach. Eyes tired, liver fire, constipation, headaches

决明子 15 gram boil 20mins with few cups water.
菊花 off fire add this 8 chrysanthemum yellow flower
甘草 1 slice add in too.

Optional : For people eyes problem, add some Goji Seed.

Not cooling much but if u think u scare of cooling, add a slice of orange dried peel.

Above tea also remove inside stomach stored shit. 2 cup each day for 2 days.

等茶/枸杞菊花决明子茶 养生茶花草茶/清肝明目 /电脑学生族/10袋

Tangerine Oil 12ml : Remove Body Damp energy, u can squeeze some shower gel on palm than 3 drop tangerine.
Cypress Oil: Use for the green veins on legs. Apply a drop with lotion.

www,  visit the label beside on digestive etc. and Power Bath. Good for this weather.

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