Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rose Facial oil

Rose Facial oil 4 R

Omhealth has few types of facial Oil
1) Neroli Facial Oil
2) Immortella Facial oil
3) Royal Blue Chamomile Facial Oil

And now Rose Facial Oil 4 R

Facial Oil was founded by a branded company in France and 10 years ago, I have a bottle and love it. But it cost $120 and rose is $200. However I wonder why their oil can keep for 2 years. And I found out is with preservative. And I developed my own facial Oil. Which till today very famous for many, especially those who goes to overseas cold country where moisturize wont work.

Special with this 4R Rose Oil:

It has VITAMIN C, the high grade and wont oxidised on skin surface. I have introduced at TV before. It has complex 5 plant oil, Rose geranium, rosemary extract and marigold flower of course rose

Why I use face oil in Hot country Singapore?
I use at night for face massage. On body I use rice bran oil is cheaper.

Face oil is designed to be light and easily absorbed. It copy ur skin's seben and in fact trick them to produce less oil.

Too bad our country very hot but in aircon room, a little 2 drops brighten skin if u dont make up type. U put a bottle in office, and after lunch u wash face abit and 2 drops dab face. People will u very pretty. Becase it penetrates layers of skin and generate cells collagen production. It has Vitamin C which seems to heal scar tissue. Lately in market have some oil but they have fragrance and mineral oil which apply le very oily

Studies shows good oil reduce wrinkels and brighten skin.

To me best complexion need oil also , not always moisturiser. My famous method of water oil technology works wonder. Skin Oil rebalance skin.  It also leaves a healthy barrier between your skin and the elements once again. 

U can see market face oil is $150 to $200 of course nice model and bottle.

But u dont need that, u are smart consumers... u will try my Rose 4R facial Oil :....

Wa... I am here to earn ur money again? ahaha nope, I earn my living selling oil but with sincerity to let your money well spend. 

Coming UP:

Launching Officially
1) Manuka Essential Oil: Very expensive for highest grade and 5ml is $55 (ok la). Is 10 times more power than teatree oil. Can buy for collections is amazing. (20 bottles only ready next week)
2) Beautiful Love Miracle Oil with Vanilla, ready next week. Now is spend $250 on skin and oil have a bottle. One time buy only.
3) Xue Hua Gao

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