Monday, May 11, 2015

Ylang Ylang bryan

Ylang Ylang 1st assists with anxiety, sadness, and nervous tension, by uplifting the mood and inducing feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, and hopefullness. It helps u to feel love and acceptance.

It helps to protect body nervous system and stimulate the liver and endocrine glands, giving the oil its antispasmodic and sedative properties. These properties allow to oil to be calming, healing.

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Ylang Ylang 1st arrived

Bryan Lao Shi Blend:

10 ml Rice Bran Oil with 5 drops essential Oil method.

After blend, this 10ml can last 2 months, if cant finish, final one apply whole body and scrub with sandalwood powder, skin glow and feel good.

Use this blend daily for 21 days to see good emotion result. Apply chest and stomach before sleep.

Below all blend with 10ml to 15ml rice bran oil depend how concentrated u want. Empty bottle can be found in MUJU, for blend u can use plastic bottle. Blend the oil first in a glass bowl than pour in the bottle.

Love and Wake Up ( I Love Myself)

2 drops Ylang Ylang 1st
3 drops Bergamot in 10ml rice bran oil.
Lavendula vera 1 drop as movement energy

Stored Anger and frustration release (Calm and Love I am center of Peace)

2 drops Ylang Ylang 1st
3 drops Holy Sacred Frankincense
Lavendula vera 1 drop as movement energy.

I dont Want you affect me Blend ( I take back my power)

3 ten spice oil
2 Ylang Ylang
2 PAF Lime

Release People DOnt listen to you Blend ( Listen to the Music of Love)
2 ylang ylang
2 cedarwood
Grapefruit Pink 3

Above can also put in oil burner, tissue stick to fan, or before sleep a bowl boiling water, add oil.
Or add to your Nivea body lotion la, can enhance the effect of lotion.
Do you KNow, any body lotion u add 10 drops rose geranium in big bottle can help skin look nice and prevent sagging.

Rose Geranium here is $45 market is $90 for this grade. All because ...... remain same price since 2001.

Emotion and You
Turn Around Exercises: Turn a negative emotion or experience into a positive. When an unwanted emotion or pattern arises, try gently inhaling a blend of the following oils for a minute or two, focusing on the positive affirmation to create and solidify a new healthier memory in the limbic system. Then, continue to use that blend whenever you want to access the new positive experience. 
Tissue method

Anxiety: Breathe in lavender and frankincense and affirm -- "I am calm and capable."

Depression: Breathe in Grapefruit Pink and ylang ylang -- "I choose health and joy in body, mind and spirit."

Overeating: Breathe in lemon and Rosemary essential oils -- "I am in control of my body and my life."

Mentally scattered: Breathe in lemon and rosemary and rose geranium -- "I am clear and focused."

Fear: Breathe in Holy sacred frankincese and bryan relax blend -- "I am safe and whole."

Insomnia: Breathe in Lavendula, Lemon and grapefruit -- "I choose a restful and restorative night sleep."

U can also put on palm direct but if u think is too strong,add 2 drop rice bran oil on palm , put the oil, rub both palm massage chest and neck.

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