Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hi all,

time to properly introduce how to use my skin care.

Alot of skincare in market always use model and supermodel as advertisement, bottles after bottles u use, is just some basic cream base add different items and is new products le. Bottle nice, model nice, see le I also want to buy. But again, use le, normally u use one time want to change.

For my skincare, warning, once u use u will love it.

Every bottle, is made in Australia, USA or Singapore and is filled with love and care. I dont invest much in bottles because what for. So basic is ok le.

The algae series latest, do u know is of very expensive ingredients, even HDB beauty salon will sell at $150 for the hydrator... But i stay this price. U all must try the algae day.
The SNOW Lotus is a hit, put fridge use , ur mother father will love u.
It contains childhood memories and everytime u use u feel like u are like ancient dynasty Queen but not made in China but in Singapore with snow lotus, pearl and fu ling.

Basic 4:

Cleanser: I have Astiquer Cleanser and Raffael tea tree cleanser.
For me i alternate as Astiquer cleanser is cleanser cream cleanse yet wont dry up skin. raffael is more antibacteria cleanse too non cream type.
When certain days I feel skin more dirty i use Raffael, if not every morning I use Astiquer cleanser

Tone Skin Refiner: Is a must u cleanse face with warm water in morning as it improve circulations and i mean warm . Than a cotton dab rose otto hydrosol or Lavendula Water and gently wipe on the face that was dried by towel. And cotton dab neck also.

After that the cotton i wipe hand and leg, u can see dead skin .

Serum: I have antiage serum and the algae serum. Both u choose one first. Dab and slap ur face gently. For beginners, use antiage serum first.

Optional : HA eye serum (apply around eyes for fine lines) follow by Dragonblood eye gel. For me I use Dragonblood eye gel morning , before sleep i use ginseng eye cream. U see outside one eye product 15ml $150 le, my eye care highest natural ingredients with active ingredients , each only $50

And eye serum, eye cream and eye gel add up 3 items only less than $160


Day time I will apply the algae Day hydrator follow by sunblock.  This algae day hydrator, is the ingredients of the $200 product so good ok.
Sunblock i use SPF collagen 25, famous for its texture and easy absorb. bean size and dab face. SPF we dab face than correct use.

For super oily skin, u can skip Day hydrator and use SPF direct as it has collagen too.


Cleanse, Toner, Serum ( i use Magwhite serum for night so to fight dull and blemishes)
follow by
I use either
Perfectionist (some use for day), many say apply this day, have matt finish wor.
Synerygy cream (rich and healing ): Have rose, lotus etc, but strong rich.
marine Collagen (sensitive skin may not use)
Snow Lotus Cream (less oily but hydrating)

I suggest u change around ok.


Every Wednesday and Sunday I do facial steaming 3 mins with grapefruit and lavendula vera oil on hot water.

Than scrub my face with the famous Vanilla scrub for gently 2 mins. Than do a Pearl Clay mask
follow by rose mask.


Bryan's facial Oil

4R rose oil super power, Neroli facial oil super nourishing and enlightening, Immortella facial oil super rejuvenating, Blue Royal Chamomile oily nourish.

This oil I use for neck, neck area must apply oil , front and back, and near ur chest so it wont wrinkles. Many of u , ur chest area is wrinkled above clevage.

Dont underestimate facial oil. It wont clog pores. Many facial oil in market add preservatives and clog pores, lately certain brand,,,.... (cannot say).

Sometimes I use facial oil method for skin beauty with warm towel. See the video. label facial Oil.


For beginners: get my antiage set ba.

Also drink Go Ji C and noon office drink WHITE Tea, design for skin beauty and immune system. Is my best tea. All now in

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