Monday, June 22, 2015

Skin Health

Scent of Omhealth Flower water

the aroma of good flower water may vary from season to season even when it comes from the same geographical location. 

This is because the weather can have a dramatic effect on the plant whilst growing, and during seasons of extreme heat, rain or drought, the plants delicate chemistry is changed which in turn affects the fragrance.

These slight variations can often be an indication that a hydrosol is natural, and not man-made.

You may be surprised to learn that many of the 'floral waters' available today have been made with synthetic compounds which have no therapeutic or beautifying qualities. Others are produced by adding essential oils or absolutes to water by using alcohol or some other type of dispersant or solvent. This may appear to be perfectly acceptable, since the finished product contains essential oil and has a pleasant fragrance similar to a natural hydrosol.

U go smell alot of toner in market , smell very nice consisten smell. And u think is it really natural?
To me skin toner is the KEY to good skin.

History of Omhealth Flower water
Omhealth in 1990s has few flower water: Rose Geranium, Teatree, Witch hazel. Slowly all these will come back as atomiser.... U will be excited ok:>

In 1990s, I came across flower water sold by Singapore some health shop. But slowly it was not sell now. One of the reason, the cost is too high and if there is no buyer the water will be not fresh. Omhealth flower water is so fresh as many customer get weekly so the bottle u get is always within 2 weeks of extraction and no keep in store. This is good. Some flower water in market or departmental store they can keep up to 2 years. And some add fragrance to it and call flower water.

Soothing Eye Masks
Omhealth has 2 flower water: One is Hydrosol and one is flower water
Rose Otto Hydrosol is the purest rose water you can get here.
Lavender water with grapefruit extract is another purest lavendula water you can get here

Rose Otto Hydro-sol is very good for super sensitive skin and it stimulate skin and tone skin. Help fight skin issues and balance PH of skin.  In a way it also indirectly good for female system
 Cleopatra, famous for her ancient beauty secrets, used rose water in various face masks. It also prevents aging by reducing wrinkles and tightening skin pores. Dry skin can be hydrated by using rose water as a moisturizer. U see in market, an skin cream cost $150 for rose inside. Imagine u have whole bottle of true rose distillation for u. And hope u really treasure this de.

Lavender water: Hydrates: Soothes and also whiten skin.It control breakout and fight pollutions.

After wipe face with cotton, the cotton, can wipe hand and legs.

How I use these water?

1) I put cotton dab face. Than after that, i use this cotton , wipe legs and hands. U can see alot dirt de.
2) Sometimes I wet the cotton with water, put fore head, cheeks area. For 3 mins. Than I use Rose facial Oil or neroli facial oil, massage face for 3 mins. Than put on a warm towel for 3 mins. And wash face with cold water. Skin good and dark eye circle reduce.
3) For rose water i put fridge and wet the cotton and cover eyes compress, help fight tired eyes.

Support Omhealth and grab a bottle or rose water: It goes well with Vanilla facial scrub and also pearl clay mask.

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