Monday, September 4, 2017

Small Class teaching Completed

Hi all Small Class teaching for 2017 Part ONE Completed

Part 2 Small Class teaching will be 2018
And also new Part ONE small class teaching will also be 2018

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Small Class teaching a Dream Comes true

Some says, Bryan Lao Shi, now u already known by many le, why stll give small class and so much effort to prepare from booking room to set up. And u see is my father mother and me this time helping me with 3 volunteers.

Well, I think is the passion in me and the intention to teach share the correct knowledge. I want to share the road less travel to reach happiness. And hope it can inspire u all to understand the values of life and be happy what u have now. And all secret recipes and acupressure to help yourself and help others.
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Powerful upcoming Event:

1st October 2017 : Bryan Lao Shi Beauty and Health and some crystal healing tips
Special Guest: Michelle lao shi, playing 3 healing songs with music tuning for ur health on spot.
Special Guest: U will know:>

3rd December 2017: Bryan Lao Shi Book read with Famous Singing Teacher , teaching singing therapy.


I find in class many Qi Xue not good enough

A drink that can clear ur Stagnant energy and Bring in Good Qi,

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Bryan Lao Shi Omhealth High Mountain Ginger

Omhealth Ginger dried 5 slice, Rice 4 chinese tablespoon, Chinese barley, 1 table spoon 3 red dates.
I use 1.2 litre water.

Add water boil to watery rice water for 20mins or more.

Properties: Poor face complexion, Body Very aaches and fatigue, heart very angry dont know for what.

After drink le ; Apply Omhealth Ginger lily flower on stomach 1 drop.

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