Monday, June 8, 2015


Many who bought yesterday and use only one night, send me so many feedbacks. Is a new must have item

Currently stock arrived Wednesday

30th August Anniversary Talk I am choosing venue Orchard or Suntec. Both equally nice.

Let me calculate first.  So u attend is health and beauty amplify.

Because Orchard no food allow de. I see what I can do.

Niam Niam 2015 ( see until u giddy)

Toothbrush use systema and mouthwash if u wan buy the pearlie white Chemical free, shower towel now taka good quality two for $38, the washing liquid laundry so far I find top brand is good, prawn noodle old airport only one store nice that is the Albert street one, herbs fresh can buy from fu Hua is reasonable and fresh but mushroom so so, vitamin c must eat that Bryan lao shi one and calcium because it absorb and no chemical, socks wear to sleep can buy ebene from guardian or phieten brand, tissue don't use the brand cutie is thin and useless, slippers buy fitflop brand if u have leg pain problems, sketches shoe don't use for running because back pain, fridge Mitsubishi , Samsung noisy, essential oil many brand but that mr Gan one freshest , mix rice makan best still Chinatown market, fish soup food republic thinner and thinner, sergeant chicken rice super THIRSTY, ck tang island cafe laksa best but $18 but can share two person, marine parade market mix rice first store beat but their fish fillet lately not cook properly, old airport road new curry 168 brand, seems nice by youngster make sure u encourage them and tell them to maintain standard and don't use msg seems don't have, Rojak famous old airport need a wake up, crystals wan good energy can by from wah Teck his one super power, foot must apply rice oil so nails nice, body many don't apply lotion especial now u bend down see ur legs it is so ugly and cracked look, do apply rice bran oil if not old le have skin problems, never go beauty salon do more than 40
Mins eye detox massage because is in unnecessary and u may get swell eyes and they always tell u is detox but is actually allergy; use that lao shi eye gel eye serum and simple rose oil Kwa Sha power, don't eat hot food and cold drink together, ur skin will age five times faster if not believe look at mirror now go to toilet now and see, lunch time is best time to dab rose water with cotton on face even with make up is ok; buy a book this week; try to make fruit vege juice yourself, outside one difficult to trust le, cook soup once a week, shit everyday if no shit no good , take psycllium powder with alot vege powder good,that come in packet two times a week is good (but take evening, if not u go out half way shit until whole underwear;
Back or joint pain, the only way sometimes is to do cardio related exercise, u know one but u super lazy so pain cant sleep is because u no exercise. U lazy pig.
Compeititors, u not happy with omhealth, than u are a looser, because omhealth only one person, ur sales no good cannot jealous, but u can buy my good luck oil or crystals. Omhealth principal is everyone good luck, I also good luck. when u good luck u buy more from me. All single lady, quickly find a rich man and good personality one and next time everymonth support my shopping cart.
Those decided to be Single whole life, is ok, because u can do what u want but cannot jealous to those who are married. Those who are married dont complaint, is ur choice.... Sometimes ur eyes is with Australis stamp blinded, but thats ur problem, u need to solve urself no one can help u. But may be my Love oil can help u feel better and regain energy.
Singapore weather hot, use skincare that design for u... Use that Mdm Chong's Son, his skin care very good. He so old le, act cute still no people say.
fat never mind as long as got people want can le. Better still, if fat and no people want, u happier because have people want become worry alot later. Just be happy whether u single or married. use Cypress oil and Dragonfly oil to have nice people want u.
dental floss daily and once a day mouth gargle with eucalyptus a drop in warm water super nice; read that man blog; attend workshop update urself; support local nutritionist and speakers because they re better than many overseas one ; use good aromatherapy oil but not fragrance oil; don't be blinded by nice packaging but use ur skin to feel; go change ur hair style , trust me ur hair look terrible go mirror see now; use Bryan lao shi that famous argan hair serum, so far no brand can imitate that for the texture; in the end if u love my Niam, like like ;

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