Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thank You Panasonic Singapore

It was a wonderful experience to work with Panasonic on health and beauty equipment. 

For me, it takes me a long time to test out things before I will introduce. So indeed is a good products. I love the facial Steamer and the roller plus eye massager. Next time have chance will demo.

U know I always wanted to take part in blog award thingy 10 years ago but as you know my English here is more like Singlish so is not possible. Yesterday was a wonderful chance to share my blog experience with many experienced bloggers and health beauty experts too. I believe many attendees knows more than me, and is willing to seat there and listen to my niam for an hour ahahha.

The pictures all turn out so nice

It was also wonderful time to share with many panasonic Home beauty equipment. At the same time sharing with bloggers the importance of blog and sharing positive information to help people and also Positive energy. Thank You God for giving me this chance as I started off as a blogger too in 2001 from website to blog blog in 2007. 

NB:thankful to Panasonic and also SPH .Ahahha I have cracked the same jokes on pronunciation of Chrysanthemum and crysanthemum again so as all will remember the importance to distinquish types of Ju Hua.

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