Friday, September 4, 2015


6th Sep 2015
Civil Service Class
5 element exercise classs, targets to release all the tension of meridians. 
Is a combination of exercises and also 18 years of very useful techniques all shared here.

This is only a once a year class. And no time to be wasted. It will be very beneficial. For those students attended past 5 element class, u can come again for refresher and special rate and include training material.

This classs improves ur overall energy, aura and also indirectly stagnant luck.

Is one of my very lucky class.

Attire: Comfy, in the class no wear shoes, u can wear socks. 

Include: Breathing exercise, Slimming Exercise, Ki energy movement, 5 element exercise, herbs knowledge impromtu, Prana Touch therapy to overcome chronic sickness.

Fees: $60 ; is very worth it for this class. Do come

10 more seats only.

930am to 12pm

If u really want to improve ur health time to action. This is a action pack class.

Thank You.

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