Monday, September 7, 2015

50 Shoulder aches 五十肩

I think quite a number of people have this shoulder issues. Those who kana before will know how painful it is. I kana before.

Is so painful that i cant really raise my arms to take things or brush teeth. I was injured by a Tuina who use elbow to knead my shoulders.

Sometimes it can takes 100 days to recover. It depends how deep the injury is.

Most people at 40s and 50s will be prone too have this illnesses. So using 3 oil is a must to let it recover faster.

Things to Do.

1)Physio Stretching must do daily ( recovery will be 30 days)
2) Keep warm.
3) nutrition food

Once have this pain, it takes minimum 30 days. Sometimes 100 days.

Physio is hand climb wall

Stay pic 2 awhile and breath deep in to the pain area. Apply lavendula direct to the pain area.
u can use the $45 frankincense daily, it will assist in healing

Things not to do.
1) Never carry bag one side, even the non pain side also dont. As it will delay the healing. Carry shoulder bag is bad for back. It slowly will cause all sort of back pain. Trust me.

Bryan's method

1) Use ginger oil and bryan relax blend in warm water and use a towel compress and scrub the area and upper back (while shower)

When u have 50s shoulder, also means ur body too exhuasted and liver tired and weak in organs energy that results in inflammations.

2) 3 oil and lotion or rice oil dont underestimate, it cant stop pain immediately, but when apply it go into body and release inflammation slowly.

Herbs receipes for shoulder inflammations and joint, back or knee inflammed

干木瓜 (祛风湿药,舒筋活络,和胃化湿): 15gram, chinese barley 50 gram. 750ml water boil 30mins small fire. Drink the water. Drink daily for 7 days.

Chinese barley try buy the organic shop the brown one if have, the papaya dry is the medical hall type is not the fruit papaya.

For those who have 50s shoulder inflammation

Breakfast try eat cereal with a teaspoon of Acacia honey.

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