Thursday, September 10, 2015

Haze Sore Throat

I have been writing herbs and soup for more than 10 years. But do you know. Everything I write here, is proper research tried and test and test. And ask and ask expert.

Many young health therapist now, just blindly copy and paste health info. Remember as a teacher, u need to work hard and be responsible. I dont have time to reply questions from FB or email. But if u carefully read, all ur queries can be found here by doing a search at label right, or blog search engine. I think give and take ba. If u want me spend most time reply facebook queries, than less time can share here.... which u prefer ahahha.... So bear with the slow reply.

When Haze is here

1) Skin will rash easily  (Aloe Double Blue flower gel)
2) Acne may pop Up ( wipe face gently with rose otto water or lavender water)
3) Throat will be sore. Stop all nuts or crackers (3 legged pippa gao)
4) Nose may be sneezy (Inhale roller, clarity or auric) [ Roll some on finger and than rub temples and nose inhale
5) Herbal Tea

Power Royal Cotton.
In a cotton, a drop of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon oil (if can lavendula vera). This cotton will last 1 day, and when need take out inhale.

When sore throat see doctor , and very sore they will give antibiotic. But sometimes really need antibiotic because of infection. For me, I avoid. If sore throat come, i quickly try remedies first and if worsen must see doctor ok. No play play, as when sore throat become fever is dangerous.

Last month before I go Bali, I have a cut ulcer at throat, when see in mirror, can see the ulver clearly. And throat was pain. Doctor give me antibiotic standby to eat. So i give myself 2 days. And took herbs. Lucky recover.

3-leg Pipa Gao is a must. Trust me, this Singapore brand, the herbs inside is so enough and pure. U eat u know. Many branded Pipagao, they just add syrup. This one u all try know what i mean.

2nd herbs i buy put at home or travel is This 苦草。一见喜。穿心莲。 I demo this herb at bedok mall this year remember. The fresh leaf can be bought in Chinatown market. But super bitter. U can bite 4 leaves and chew. But i get the pills form. Is very cooling but take 2 days is ok.

If u have big tongue or mouth ulcer u take 2 days and drink alot water hor, it just shrink....
Above is our HOkkien Herbs... 叫苦草。

Cannot take more than two days. Very monority will allergy to this herbs. Our time, grandad will let us bite the fresh one. Wa Lao is Bitter until u cant speak. Eat after food if u take pill. If fresh herbs, u take 3 leaf bite. ....

Haze Tea with Bryan Lao Shi

甘草 1 slice,菊花 8,乌梅 2, 金银花 20 piece。

2-3 cup water (estimate la), boil the gan cao and wu mei 15mins small fire, add jinyinhua 5 mins. Off fire add JuHua

Cooking herbs water must have techniques. Throw all in and u miss the properties.

Now pour into a cup. Inhale the steam slowly,
Apply a drop peppermint at neck and shoulder, it bring down inflammations. (Trust me is effective)

Slowly drink when cool. FOllow by a teaspoon pipagao.

Bryan's roller $18, peppermint oil $25 all in . ALoe blue flower gel arrived too.

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