Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Facial Oil

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facial oil freshly all arrival.

Facial Oil is suitable for all skin types.

Facial oil has a property that cream cant do... It can calm ur mind and also go fill up the gap of wrinkles and nourish it and also whiten skin. Yes many people who has blemishes because skin too dehydrated.

When u combine flora water and oil massage face... POWER. Wipe off after that

Many mistaken oily skin cant use facial oil.. Yes not using those mineral oil kind. But using pure vegetables oil is best.

In the market, many "Oil" sold is packed with fragrance and chemicals. The reason, pure oil lifespan is 6 month to a year only. Perfumed fragrance can cover the rancid smell of oil .

For omhealth
we have 4 facial neck oil

1) Neroli facial Oil   (General oily )
2) Immortella facial Oil (medium)
3) Rose Chrysantheumum vitamin C facial Oil ( very lite)
4) Blue Chamomile facial Oil (most oily texture)

Beginners: Rose Chrysathenmum and Neroli

How I use is to cleanse my face, dab some rose otto water with cotton on face, than 5 drops massage face and even under eye. Than compress face with warm towel for 5 mins. And wash face with cold water. Or I wipe it gently excess oil and go sleep.

Try at night once a week before sleep, apply oil for face.

The rose oil face is extremely light, Just 2 drops and  when you wake up to a glowing, more even skin 

Omhealth has 2 kind of GEL mask; one is rose facial mask, below is face and eye mask (Hydrating mask)

Rose Otto Water Usages

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