Thursday, October 29, 2015

Newsletter 2015

Processed food
I am quite worried how people nowsaday have too much processed food.

U know those fried " Hor Fun" dont know since when they start to use processed prawns. Those prawns that very bouncy and not fresh prawns. Once a hor fun stall use those processed prawns i stop visiting le.
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And when Wan Tan and Har Kao in Dim Sum shops start using frozen one , u will know they seems to taste the same. Is like eating CP.

Frankly speaking most fast food dim sum are packed with chemicals. And even some Cxxx open foodstall. So the freshly made one.... hard to fund.

Home Cooked Soup

Have u try my dried ginger?

Below few red dates, 8 dried ginger from high mountain, the chicken black drumstick (kampong), few slice of lotus root. I just boil this for 1.5 hours small fire.
Add salt to taste.

Rejuvenate the body and balance the body. Clear debris tired energy and suayness.

Trouble Problem release Gel

In market there is a brand that sell a gel for acne or skin rash problem at $50 for 20ml but with preservatives.
Do u know omhealth DOUBLE BLUE FLOWER Gel contains few flowers to help release rashes. 
Especially stress period u have rash and some kind of skin disorder. U can put them in fridge and apply on the spot.

Inside has this flower. DO u know the effort to put in every bottle. Price of this Gel is $38.

This gels helps to due with stress, contaminants and relief the trouble spot.

It helps to soothes irritations and is aloe vera pure base.

Some koreaaa brand start to have aloe gel big bottle although they put certain chemical free but is pack with other preservatives. U can smell they have a fragrance.

Give double blue flower Aloe gel a chance. Pack with expensive Blue Tansy Flower, Blue chamomile and lavendula vera.

This Gel further properties
ntibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, antiviral, febrifuge, insecticide, hormone stimulant, sedative, and vermifuge substance.

Anti-histaminic: Histamine in the body is responsible for triggering allergies and the various problems related to allergies, such as rashes, itches, Double blue flower Aloe Gel  helps neutralizes histamine and checks its further production, thereby controlling these allergic reactions of the skin..
Facial Oil: Immortella facial Oil is amazing and has arrived: $45 each

Frankincense: Holy Sacred frankincense and Healing frankincense.

Both can be used in water for gargle.

But if have serious BIG ulcer many, one drop myrrh and one drop frankincense in half cup water. Wash mouth with this half cup throughout the day.

In 1998; I have a serious sore throat. Even after 2 course of AntiBiotics my throat still pain. So in takashimaya there was a aromatherapy shop, she reccommended me to use frankincense and myrrh. But that time each bottle already $80. So i decided to try. And it works.

For very serious one u mix myrrh and frankincense. For serious one sometimes I find myrrh itself works.

This oil are thick oil as time goes by. Takes time to drop out.

Reduces Anxiety. In a way the frankincense helps breathing and deep relaxation. At the first signs of stress, add a few drops of frankincense oil tissue inhale. For me a direct wrist and chest. And apply base of skull. only 1% people may find direct strong can dilute a drop with a drop rice bran oil.
Dear all, in market now has a scar oil, really have mineral oil and fragrance. Give rice bran oil a try ok.
Help ur mouth related issues:  It can help relieve many common oral health problems such as bad breath, swollen gums, mouth sores, and toothache. Frankincense oil can be combined with water and other essential oils, such as myrrh or peppermint, to make an effective, therapeutic mouthwash. It can also be combined with baking soda to create an all-natural toothpaste.

I was told my holy sacred frankincense scent even better than many brands. Yes really, every bottle is so fresh. U can find the freshness so fresh and some wear as perfume. Some frankincense smell like kerosene because of the extract method.
Omhealth give u best.

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