Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dried Ginger root

Just want to share ok. Ginger root u can get from me. Or any reputable brand in market is ok.

Just really want to share the benefits ok.

Enjoy Ginger root. And please include them in ur drink diet.

I sometimes mix with acacia honey. Dont eat ginger at night.

Sometimes hor, I put 6 slices in a vaccum flask pour in boiling water and than leave it till next day morning. So can drink warm super shiok.

Omhealth Dried Ginger : Buy le, keep in fridge can last for a year plus.

botanical illustration of ginger plant

Nepal High Altitude Dried Ginger

Takes omhealth many years to have Good Ginseng, Good Dried Ginger and Good White tea.

24th Jan welcome 2016, first in Singapore to have a Nepal GOLD tea coming up . Is an amazing good luck tea and is organic high mountain.

This dry ginger root: Is heng heng. Drink when feel down.
Is grown in high mountain and water use are all natural mountain water. Organic and is dried by natural wind.

As we are living in a place of highly stress and too many processed food. Making some natural drinks , u body can feel good.

I dont know u all remember in old movies, when people health is bad or in hospital, they will drink chicken soup. In the past many chicken are free range chicken so they are very nutrition.

Used in traditional medicine to relieve gastrointestinal distress. 
It reduces symptoms closely related to motion sickness which includes nausea and cold sweats, dizziness and vomiting. 
This dried ginger have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 
It helps body get rid of toxins. It has such a rich concentration of active compounds that very little is required to receive its beneficial effects

Bryan Drinking methods.

A) I put 6 pieces in 600ml water and boil 15mins. And add some Acacia honey. And when I feel energy low I mix a pinch of tumeric. U wan more hot hot put more.

B) Not so strong, I put 3 piece in a mug of boiling water steep for 15mins.

Ginger tea can be made by adding a pinch of dried ginger to a cup of boiling water. This will help treat digestive disorders. Alternatively, the powder can be added to a cup of tea to make it more palatable.


Facts of others

Ginger Shows Promise as a Cancer and Diabetes Fighter

Ginger's anti-inflammatory properties no doubt make it beneficial for many chronic inflammatory diseases including cancer. Indeed, research published in the British Journal of Nutrition6 has demonstrated the in vitro and in vivo anticancer activity of ginger, suggesting it may be effective in the management of prostate cancer.
Other research shows it has anti-tumor activity that may help defeat difficult-to-treat types of cancer, including lung, ovarian, colon, breast, skin, and pancreatic.7 Furthermore, because ginger helps prevent the toxic effects of many substances (including cancer drugs), it may be useful to take in addition to conventional cancer treatments.8
As for diabetes, ginger appears to be useful both preventively and therapeutically via effects on insulin release and action, and improved carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.
According to one comprehensive review, a clinical trial that was performed found that after consuming three grams of dry ginger powder for 30 days, diabetic participants had a significant reduction in blood glucose, triglyceride, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol.9 It's thought that ginger has a positive effect on diabetes because it:
  • Inhibits enzymes in carbohydrate metabolism
  • Increases insulin release and sensitivity
  • Improves lipid profiles
Ginger also has also been established to have a protective effect against diabetes complications, including offering protection to the diabetic's liver, kidneys, central nervous system, and eyes.

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