Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lymphatic related Products

Omhealth has two products that can be use to activate the lymphatic system

A) Heng magneto Scrub: Blended with 16 herbs and when u scrub the body u also give gentle massage at all the pink area and also the chest area as shown in the pic. Feel great after that.

B) Lymphatic Herbal oil (scent is light but pack with herbs): Use it to massage body daily till whole bottle finished. Lifespan of this oil once u received is 6 month. But do complete it.

I can only blend 8 bottles of lymphatic oil a week. So do order with DOB and also ur blood type. Once received use daily. Massage stomach before sleep.

Why I have Lymphatic products:

Weather change, work stress result a person feeling heart tired and also nervous system abit off. If u can use a lymphatic scrub and oil to take care body.... in shower and after shower care . Not only it can result lymphatic circulation, blood circulation, detox and remove water retention. Also ur body skin will get more and more smooth daily.

Below extracted from an article

If u have leg swelling, u perform the massage from from 1-4. Left is for left leg.

 Swelling of one leg

Apply the lymphatic Oil and massage gently 10 times from 1 (under armpit ) to 4 groin area.
The aim of this massage is to clear a path ahead of the affected leg to allow excess fluid to drain away.

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