Monday, December 21, 2015

Omhealth Moisturiser that i also use as massage face cream

I love to review on my moisturizer once a year..

New comers:

U can get moisturiser from

We have:

1) Algae Day Cream (similar with the $300 day cream branded )
2) Snow Cream (Can use day or night or when skin sensitive)

3) Marine Collagen (prefer for night cream but some use abit on day)
4) Synergy Cream (warm circulation, wonderful flower herbs)
5) Perfectionist Moisturiser (a matt finish and glow, can use as premier before makeup super nice)

With hundreds of moisturizer in the market , why omhealth moisturizer still doing so well leh? why leh?

Because those who used 10 years ago continue using. Some of course will be tempted by other brands but come back again. Is ok de. So many things in the market go try try le than come back.

A product that insist on freshness and free from SLS , Paraben etc..

One of the media artiste who just given birth use this cream as is free from chemical.

First Night cream omhealth

A) Marine Collagen Moisturizer (Scentless) (RICH, not for very oily skin)

This complex structural protein forms seventy-five percent of our skin and is responsible for the maintenance of fibres that promote firmness and elasticity. When we are young, skin cells are replaced approximately every sixteen days to keep the skin looking young and smooth. However, after the age of twenty-five, this renewal process slows to approximately thirty days, which causes collagen to break down and lose firmness over time. 

OMHEALTH face cream helps to nourish collagen molecules contains concentrated levels of collagen, AND SOME nuts herbs. As a result, this is ideal for use as a moisture-rich day and night cream, particularly if you have mature skin. But if young skin, u can use night abit. 

Ingredients: Purified Water, Sunflower Oil, Antiage Nuts extract,, Natural Vitamin E, Soya Bean Oil, Aloe vera Pure extract, small molecules seaweed Collagen,
Enriched with good collagen, this moisturiser soothes, softens and helps repair the skin.

Features: Paraben Free, Sulphate-free, Artificial colour-free.

B) Synergy Facial Cream
This Synergy cream contains herbal extracts which help to relieve stress, whiten and moisturize skin, as well as to restore skin’s healthiness. 
It inhibits the development of Melanin and prevents formation of black spots caused by sun exposure. 
Meanwhile, it promotes blood circulation, maintains the natural moisture of the skin, enhances firmness and brightness for youthful appearance.

How I use?

Normally I use my moisturiser just like after toner and than apply. But 3 times a week, i will apply more massage face than wipe away with rose or lavender water.

1) This facial massage helps to relieve stress and calm your mind; 
2) Use the massage cream after cleansing; 
3) Put a small portion of  either marine collagen or synergy  cream in your palms (about cherry size of the cream) and rub your palms to “warm up” the cream. Apply it to your face with gently massage motions; 
4) Use rose otto water or  lavender water  to wipe off the massage cream thoroughly and gently. 

The Peptie moisturiser is now known as A8D Dragonblood gel

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