Friday, February 19, 2016

Life Purpose And Determination

Everyone born in this world has a mission and life purpose.

When u were young, ur life purpose may be is to pass exam or find a good job.
When u are older (after married or very successful in career) probably u may lost ur life purpose......
(what's urs?)


Well in this world there are two types of people. Married and Single.

Married: Many of my friends who are married, complaint about no time, no more dreams in life. Everything is for family etc. Cant movie, cant this cant that....
------- WELL  --------
Well for 24 years I never contact my school classmates, lately because of technology my classmates added me to their chat group. Guess what? At first is all about complaints on family issues at first and etc but of course there are some positive one. Some even say many years never go cinema etc..

Well if you have a family. Ur life purpose is to contribute to the society by bringing up your children and educating them so that the world can be a better place.

Some say after they have family, busy with inlaws, children etc... no time to do prayers etc. Well prayers is an cultivation.
Doing your job with good attitude and compassion is another kind of  prayers in practice.

Your task is to take care of the family. Do not fill ur life with anger and complaints because this may do u no good.

U may be drained by work and family and also no more chance to see movies (my friends say) but u have joy and laughter of family and childrens. Isnt it a fruit of ur choice.

When u are so drained by family and work; Spare 5 mins a day use oil like Awakening , Victorian secret in tissue or wrist inhale from it. Perform a warm facial massage with Immortella oil (h202 method)

Single and married is a choice. No good or no good. Is your choice or u have no choice. Is all about ur life purpose too.

Otherwise: But if u have a relationship problems with inlaws and even husband or wife having affairs or not doing good to u. Well dont despair. Is a challenge in ur life. Face it, conquer it and pray for the best and courage. Everything happen for a reason. Sometimes really is past life owe them one,

But again dont always say owe them and loose urself. Stand up for ur rights, choose support group. Doing ur religious prayers , and also take some courgae water;

(5 lotus seed boil with Goji seed 15) , boil for 30 mins. Drink and eat the items. It bring courage to ur body and help u have the energy to restore.

Use Bryan relax Blend in Power bath with "good morning towel".

Everyday do release breathing exercise, has u may be holding too much energy in ur liver and cause tumors etc. So do deep breathing. Apply lavendula oil with rice oil on ur stomach.

Chat Group Insensitve :
Suddenly during the whatsapp, an old classmate (with 3 kids) says, well a married man has longer life than a single man. Well definitely she was referring to me (not sensitive right, i almost wanted to say thats why u look so much older now, but loving kindness, compassion  me cannot say that ma ahahha)

Well i think we need to be sensitive in life, For I know my purpose in life and I am selected to do what I need to do. Frankly speaking if I am married. U think I can do so much like give seminars (give like no body give), prepare Garden walk, answer ur email or sms where to buy green beans ah etc....

Everyone has their purpose in life. I wake up 5am daily, do my Ki exercise and start to think:

Bryan's life purpose.

" WHAT article I can write to help people?"
" What Facebook article I can post to motivate people?"
" What am i going to cook for parents to improve their health?"
" How can I be happier today?"
" Which charity organisation can omhealth help?"
" Check my emotion like anger, jealousy, selfishness and attachment"

Once a famous professors says, there are two types of people in this world. The very successful one are the Alone one . The alone here doesnt mean lonely. It means we need the space to do more and think more.

Since heaven given me this single life. So I dedicate my life in research and helping more people.


So from today dont complaint about your life. Ur incident, ur encounters, ur unfairness life to u are all a challenge. Life is very short. U now close ur eyes and think... Why still cannot "put down ".

What is health? Health is able to eat, sleep, wake up, humor, helpful, compassion and treat people nice.

U can be very powerful at work. but is just an illusion, u cant use ur power to change things, like illnesses or sudden event of things.

When u are healthy now, why not think of ways to improve ur health and also think of how u can benefit people.

For example, a friend of mine has cancer and he has recovered. And what he does is he, pass me all the stages he gone thru and what eat eat and also go around and share with people experience.

If u like me suffers from Scolosis, Neck bone degeneration, eyes problems, do I go around Niam how pain I am. NO I use my aroma oil and herbs and share with people who have this problems and tell people what causes my issues and how to prevent it.

Ok la:>

5th March Health and Beauty Talk (even is 300 times le, I still wake up morning daily to see any new informations I can squeeze in to help people.

Radio even half an hour, but I try to share news that works rather than alot health therapist read from internet informations.

So What's your life purpose?

If u are in ur 30s 40s 50s and feeling still not happy, that start thinking why? ask urself. Use oil like " love miracle blend" and Magneto scrub too. U will be surprise. Tink Tink Tink u feel happier.

For omhealth, our life purpose is continue to share good news. Give talks. Also be determined in one healing method.

Example: I ask u all everyday do breathing exercise  (if for past 15 years u everyday do 5 mins) u should feel different in ur looks. Also if u drink rice water 3 times a week which i ask many to. .. Ur body type should improve. But did u?

Case study:

I have a friend who used to be one the happiest woman in life. But after married got divource and the kid has cancer. But guess what.... She still stand strong and positive. Sometimes she still sms me, encourage my work... I mean how can u not be happy. Is so precious to give birth to be a human.

Anyway this article also for those who ur life purpose is to make people miserable , be careful, the law of karma seems to be very fast this few years. U plant green bean hor, tomorrow may be a big plant fast. Unlike ancient time karma takes life cycle. Now is fast. So dont bully people or do bad. U will be punished.

Be courageous:

It was a challenging year for omhealth last year like stalker case etc. But with support from my hidden clients who so many are lawyers (now than I know wa wa, many of u hold high rank ah), Judge etc... I am surprise all my hardwork is worth it. My mom always say, if u are good heart and courageous, be fearlessness, no evil can attack u.

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