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special blend with u for mind and for body

Any way many ask me where is the essential oil list is at Shopping cart and also product details at

omhealth is managed by one person call Bryan lao Shi. Alot of times email per day on questions that can be found here is 100 over. And if i spend time reply email, i will lost my freedom to enjoy my passion. So a product list is produced and also shopping cart is there for u to order .

Time has changed, where information is easy to find. Thank u So much. Not that i dont want to answer email sometimes. But if u put urself in my shoes, beside doing video for u, blog for 10 years frequent updates, seminars, radio , magazine... what more do I have the "me: time right ahahah. So apprecite my effort of daily update of blog .

FOr healing blend do refer to

Our mood and emotion beside governs by your work, people around you but also the environment.
Environment can be the gravitational pull, technology radiation, lights, star sign.

Star Sign:
Example this period star sign movement;
Alot of you past few weeks may suffers from health and issues and really辛苦你了。 Everything will come to a conclusion.  So this period, Sun in Virgo means issues like health and work will have new challenge.

This period there may have more natural disaster and travel everything must be more vigilant too. Also do more charity to help people this period is very very important.

Aroma Oil Blend How to Use

Is the combination 3 drops each in water rinse body final . But those with need to use sandawood, u can rinse le than apply sandalwood a drop stomach.

Or u can blend 6 drops each in 30ml rice bran oil. Use this blend for a month by massaging stomach and after a month u can apply whole body and shower.

September Special Blend: Bryan Lao Shi Personal Blend for u (20 bottles)
Image result for dragonfly healing
Every year, I will blend oil for 20 people call dragonfly oil healing blend. This blend u can use for 3 months.

Each blend is $45 20ml of blended oil for massage chest and healing. Is blended with many flowers:>

each blend u need to give information of

1) Name( in nric) and star sign
Interested email to with details. Order one item include $5 courier fees.
Working with Aromatherapy Formulas For Balancing your personal star sign this September:

Below are some use of oil u can DIY:

Star Sign and u

Aries: New beginnings is good. Also start new thinking plan.
Use some red this September
Aroma Oil Blend: frankincense, cedarwood and rosemary

Taurus: Alot profession will come to help u.
Use Pink
Aroma Oil blend: Lavendula vera, rosemary and Lemon oil

Capricon Alot of hardwork needed
Use: Black pen do some writingsl
Aroma OIl Blend:  Cypress tea tree and lavender

Pisces: Need to communicate alot and brain work
USe more white color
Aroma OIl Blend: Ginger, lemon, Canaga

Scorpio: Emotion may be affected in up and down
Use black pen write some auspicious motivational words
Aroma Oil Blend: Spice Oil , Bergamot , Lavender

Libra: Alot of ur personal power will be reveal and people seems to like u alot
Use some brown color
Aroma Oil Blend: Lemongrass, grapefruit and lavender

Sagittarius: Trap in situation and people dont know what u angry at
Use Light blue
Aroma Oil Blend: Healing trees oil and sandalwood

Aquarius: Need to talk to people more and learn to listen and give advices
Use Yellow color
Aroma oil Blend : PAF line. bryan relax blend and lavender

Leo: Spend right ur money and also dont be petty
Use Yellow
Aroma OIl blend: rose geranium, lemon and rosemary

Vigro: U need to take charge of things more
Use: some orange
Aroma OIl Blend: peppermint, spice oil and love miracle blend

Gemini: Health so so
Use yellow
Aroma Oil Blend: Lime , rosemary and lavender

Cancer: U extremely exhuasted , need to sleep more
use Green
Aroma Oil Blend: Clary sage, cedarwood and lime

Frequency for health and luck

1. Human healthy frequency is within the range of 62-72 Hz 
2. Diseases like cold and flu 58 Hz, were more likely to appear.
3. Lower levels (42 Hz) Cancer appeared in quite many humans.

High energy oil are pure, clinical grade and requires an experienced aromatherapist to blend and reach its peak frequency. Once you smell this oil, it increased the frequency of your body. 5 elements oil blended since 2001, and Bryan relaxation blended in 2009 have went through a lot of research and carefully selected herbs concoction. 

Power bath with Bryan's Relaxation Blend
Helps to deal with following negative aspects: > Always over committed
> No time for yourself
> Impatient
> Always rushing here and there
> Always worrying about things

Helps a person to:
> Calm, stabilise and peace
> Cope with changes
> Wind down
> Relax and have fun
> ClarityThis blend is sincerely blended to help those who experienced the above negative aspects. I urged all to try this Bryan's Relaxation blend. It took me a long time to come up with this formulae and many feel the results. 

Bryan's 5 Elements Blend
Helps to remove:
> Negative mental, emotional & psychic energy
> Disharmonious or unpleasant environments

Helps to:

> Enhanced sacred space
> Creates safe, harmonious environments
> Allows one to feel still and reflective

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