Monday, August 15, 2016

Kick Start Energy Tea

Gold Tea Omhealth plus Nepal Gold Tea

Hi those with Ginger omhealth remember to keep in freezer ok. As the weather is humid and it has no chemical in it.

Wake up good energy Tea. This combination represent abundance, courage and healing from within.

I hope if u have the tea. Make a pot for the family.

I call my this blend, heng blend.It has good energy which lift up a person energy to max yet is not because of high caffein but wonderful healing when both mix.

Gold Tea: $28 Organic and is best price fresh
Omhealth Ginger: $20

Try ok:>

Many who drink this Gold Tea feel the goodness of body energy and brighten a person aura/

This high grown tea originates from the Himalayans features a pronounced flowery overtone and bright, yet mild flavor. This tea is best when served plain.

iT has high antioxidant content that helps protect its drinkers from many ailments and diseases.

u CAN TRY a teaspoon with a slice of Omhealth Ginger. Make the tea. And add some honey if u want to.

It is a great start of the day with good energy and immune system

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