Friday, December 29, 2017

New Year Tea :> FOr health

Over eating and reduce fat fat and improve digestion

Omhealth on 1st Jan 2018 will launch two new essential oil Blend.

Flow and Affirmations Blend  $45
Equilibrium Harmony Blend $45
Plants and Planets Body Lotion $45 (promotion)

A set of two at $80. WIll be in Shopping cart
on 1st Jan 2018

One person Portion: This is best tea to drink on Festive season as it can also help to prevent getting too fat:>

3 Hawthorn, a pinch of dried orange peel, 5 chrysanthemum
This tea helps to
improve the Qi flow in body, digestive issues, and bloatedness. And unhappiness chest tightness.

All ingredients in a big mug and pour in boiling water steep for 15mins. Drink when warm.

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