Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Parent's Health

At our age now (35 to 50s) most of our parents are aging. Lately I start to have students asking me.

Students" Bryan Lao Shi, what sort of prayers or things can we do to let parents to have a better old age and less illnesses" Chant what mantra? Do what Charity?Look for which Masters?


Our parents bring us up to what we are now. And if they are around 60 plus, their health starts to goes downhill le:>

I would want to say is, return them with patience and kindness. And be nice to them. But if u ask yourself including myself. Alot of times we can be rude to them in words.

U know as parents age, their heart are very fragile. Ur words can broken their heart in to million pieces. So the best way to let your parents to have better life and health is to be kind to them. Even they are wrong, just talk nicely .

I know u, many times u might have shouted at them or impatience towards them and than u ask me what mantra to chant is also no use le.


Circumstances: Sometimes some parents gone thru serious illnesses and they may not be the same parents they were and always loosing temper... We need to give them kindness and love because they are suffering. Is not easy but with love and compassion all will be ok;


But sometimes, if a parents are those gambler and hurt their children. U need to apply wisdom. Really not easy on u. Really got those kind of parents squeeze the last drop from their children. I suggest these children need to protect themself and parents ensure them have food to eat etc but gambling and loanshark... hand them over to authority ba if is too much


By action take care of ur parents working with aromatherapy.

1) 3oil methods if they have backache or body aches.
2) use bryan relax blend and warm water let them have a body scrub with the Good Morning towel.
3) Boil a soup for them  ( black chicken and Lian Zi, Huai Shan red dates once a week) Cook them Ba Zhen Soup.

Prese Zu San Li and Li Yue Xue for them or teach them to press daily.
Image result for zu san li
Zu San Li is a longevity Point. Apply 3 oil with rice bran oil massage knee cap than press this point 2 mins daily

Image result for zu san li

Second Point is


second toes the corner near the 3 toes

Image result for 厉兑穴

Better sleep and release worries and anger and better digestive . U can use purification oil on this point.

In chinese they can handle 清胃安神、苏厥醒神,通经活络。主治齿痛、口喎、咽喉肿痛、鼻衄、癫狂、癔病、失眠、晕厥、多惊好卧、梦魇不宁、口喁唇疹、鼽衄、喉痹颈肿、心腹胀满、消谷善饥、黄疸、水肿、便秘、便血、热病、足背肿痛等病症。现又多用以治疗精神分裂症、神经衰弱、消化不良、鼻炎、齿龈炎、扁桃体炎

Launch of this 2 oil: 

The affirmation Flow can be used to treat sinus issues and tension stress.
and Equilibrium for sleep and calmness

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