Saturday, January 6, 2018

Skin Rashes and Itch and Hives

If u have refer to my blog under the label "Hives" u can find quite a number of remedies.

For hives and skin rashes and eczema (more serious).

1) Immune system
2) Digestive clearance
3) See A TCM to get rid of either internal heaty or internal cooling.
( This powdered medicine u need to consistent eat 21 days to see results and during this 21 days diet must be careful)

Super busy this period I think as a teacher I also need to take care of the health so must share with u all the recipes:> Time flies many have follows omhealth for more than 15 years. Hope u all are doing well. Some students stays some disappear ahah this is life. But I remembered every single face who attended workshop and wish u all doing well.

Omhealth Products Methods:

1) Lavendula vera Oil, peppermint and marjoram
(One drop each and with few drops of rice bran oil massage stomach, it take care of stress and major stress related issues)
2) Double Blue Flower aloe vera Gel
( Apply to affected area and also can enhance before sleep a drop of rice bran oil)
3) Lavender or rose hydrosol
( For face u can apply this with cotton, the water put in fridge or u can damp the cotton and  compress on affected area)
4) Witch Hazel Vitamin B5 mist
5) Rice bran oil or Jojoba or Coconut oil few drops on palm and few drop of rose hydrosol mix and apply body.

Do u know in Japan latest trend is mix oil and water apply face or body. U all try is amazing.


Before Acupressure preps:
U can apply a drop lavendula vera and a drop of peppermint on ur palm warm ur palm and inhale. Now ready to perform acupressure for this points:

The reason is when lavendula vera with peppermint , it tells the body to open up the channel for acupressure.

The point 1 minute a day:> Emergency skin itch can do number 2 and 3 alone.

1) Image result for 印堂

2)Image result for 内关穴
3)Image result for 曲池穴
4) Image result for 合谷穴

Image result for 生熟薏米甘草茶
Tea for beautiful skin and also hive hives itch skin. And even Sinus:>

1) 生熟薏米Roasted barley and raw barley a tablespoon each
2) 甘草 2 slice
3)百合 8 pieces
4)防风 8 gram
5)redbean 1 tablespoon
6) 土茯苓 1 slice

Boil with 800ml water for 20mins. Drink the water twice a day for 5 days.

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