Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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To tell you the truth, Singapore will have less and less this kind of workshop, Most people conduct youtube or web video. But for me, attending a class is best .
Email to : this few days. 

Venue will be announced on Monday, is all accessible. I am conducting less workshop every year but each workshop will be pack with new recipes and health care.

25th March 2018  (religious content)

大家来拜拜 6th years Gathering include Crystal , Art therapy and Grounding Meditation Class
Fees: $50

This is the most wonderful class and beside revision on ur Bai Bai Methods we will learn more crystal healing topics and aura balancing .

1st April 2018  (for all)

5 Element exercise class Officially 10 years anniversary. Bryan created 5 element exercise class generation 1 and generation 2.

The first 2 generation exercise will be sharing also. Than we launching the new Movement. DOnt miss this rare class.

Special Venue
Tea and bites included (mini , my 小心意)

15th July 2018 (for all)

Health and Beauty and Anti-aging with Bryan Lao Shi ( For newbies plus oldies always new topics)


Dont forget the basic that I have taught past 20 years and every year this is a must attend workshop even u have learn before but atending each time with new upgrade to ur skills.

女人我最大inside beauty news for beauty 
Sleep better
Pain aches remedies
Power food
Power acupressure
Kwa Sha and Moxibustion DIY
Cupping demo u can do
Special hand reflexology points

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