Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Properties of Oil

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1st April 2018
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Yoga Teacher and me and Gu zheng lao shi 5 element exercise class left 13 seats le

25th March 2018
Da Jia Lai Bai Bai

NB: Positive aFFIRMATION OIl is very good for immune and sinus issue and flow a positive energy to ur aura, do try as many people love it. Equilibrium oil helps to balance ur mind and feel good.

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Lavendula vera and Peppermint was launched in 1998 and this are my most wonderful oil. And this year we launched the Royal Peppermint oil.
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Do you know personally i find my peppermint oil either wild peppermint oil or royal peppermint oil is extremely useful for Singapore weather.

A drop on palm warm ur palm and inhale is so good. Or a drop lavendula vera and a drop peppermint on palm and apply neck and temples. (dilute with rice bran oil 2 drops if u find too strong).

But of course u combine with marjoram they are the 3 power combination known as bryan 3 oil method for neck pain and back pain recovery.

Summarise Oil Properties for YOU

Lavender: Soothes and calms. Excellent for burns, acne, insect bites and wounds. Stimulates new cell growth. Boosts the immune system. Promotes relaxation and restful sleep. Good for headaches. Lowers blood pressure.

Lemon: Renew neglected skin. Lightens skin pigmentation. Good for gout and arthritis. Strengthens digestive system and liver. Counteracts acidity in the body. Aids concentration.
Peppermint: Helps absorption of information and memory. Clears headaches, migraines, vertigo and nausea. Relieves pain and improves digestion. Relieves fatigue, Insect repellent.
Bergamot: . Powerful anti-viral. Emotionally uplifting. Calms the nervous system. Helps combat addition. Regulate appetite.

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