Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Full House Talk

I will be having a series of workshop with Han Medical on

5 organs class. So first class is SPLEEN

follow by

Kidney, Lungs, Heart, Liver

Every class will look into the importance and how we can further understand the way to take care of each Organ Qi thru

1) Food
2) Herbs
3) Acupressure
4) Aromatherapy
5) Reflexology
6) Qi Gong
7) TCM
8) Meridians Identification

This Sunday 3rd June marks omhealth first offical class with Han Medical on Spleen issues which relates to damp energy, tiredness and digestive issues.

Notes for all attending the class

This Sunday class is full House.

1) All who have registered. Please come in Proper attire (no skirt or shorts) , as we will be seating on the special wooden floor . And also some exercises will be taught.

2) U will be having a one needle acupuncture to be done in class

3) Ur $10 omhealth voucher u can use now except on promo and crystal items. U can choose ur item in cart and email to orders@omhealth.com before Friday , so leng leng can pack. Minimum $80

4) First part will be in Mandarin with the doctors, second part i will be using English

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