Monday, July 16, 2018

Breakthrough Omhealth 21

Upcoming Event

1) 5th August : Spleen meridians and Energy with HAN TCM (40 pax only)
9am to 11am
Fees: $45

22nd Sep 2018
 free BBOunce Cardio class sponsored at centerpoint bbounce studio. Conducted by Ex national swimmer. Worth $35. U get to attend the class and also receive $20 door gifts (limit to 30 pax and u can register now and once register u must turn up if not $50 will be charge from u and donate to charity)
10am to 11am

16th Sep 2018
Crystal Chakra Energy Class (open those who attended crystal class before or welcome year class)
(newbies must attend one of the omhealth class before this class)
$45 (comes with a free healing oil) U will love this class
Venue Waterloo: 9am to 1130am

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yesterday 21st Anniversary was one of the most exciting event I have throughout 21 years.
The decoration of the stage is with care and love to show u 21 years I always put plant herbs on stage. The piece of Orange cloth is 21 years le and follow me to all workshop . Reminding not to forget my passion and to help people. The Sunflower represent hope and love to all.

The herbs arrangement tells u all illnesses will have a remedies.  THANK YOU ALL>

6 Powerful TCM Physicians

A stage of 6 TCM  physicians and ensure all will share a topic that benefits all is my man criteria.
There are no rehearsals and yes is s success.

This is my first time to be a HOST and a teacher and it just flow so beautifully.

I must say < I MADE IT> ahahahhahah. I tell u all ah, i am so happy the talk turn out so well.

This is so rare to have a talk with 6 doctors and all helping each other to flow.

Minor Disappoinment
I am abit disappointed didnt see many faces of old students and may be all are busy. But hope u all can come to omhealth workshops again. See the difference and make an effort.

10 years ago: 2010

I still remember 10 years ago, I hope to find good TCM doctors ( remember my Fb 2010 post)  to work together and benefits others.  I hunt around searching good doctors, either they are famous and arrogant or they are stuck in their level of healing knowledge and unwillingly to accept new things or healing skills too weird with not much scientific base.

And  I think God heard my prayers. Suddenly 2018  Dr Xu resigned from MA KUANG and together with Dr Lin Qin recruited good doctors and here we have HAN TCM . Up there send me 6 Doctors to work with and all are Singapore TOP kind compassionate doctors which every students who visited them told me about it and my personal experience.

HAN doctors is so knowledgeable because they continue to upgrade their skills and all comes from different background yet monthly they hold meetings to share their knowledge and how to improve individual skills. That is what i want to see . Anyway Singapore is really a lucky country to have HAN TCM and yes i am not a spokesman and dont pay me for me to mention this. Is from my heart. As I grow older i know the important of preventive maintenance. I shall talk no more but let u all listen to some of the clips and u will know what I mean.

Omhealth 21 years le, many might of forgotten me and too tired to come workshops. I have done what I can to motivate u this 21 years. I hope upcoming small workshop u can make an effort to attend.Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting


This 21 years I seldom make effort to talk about my products because I worry people think I am coming to give sales rather than talk. but again I find that because of that many abit confuse how to use my products so yesterday I used 10mins to explain omhealth SKINCARE and i go around to put eucalyptus radiata oil on 200 palms. And all love this powerful oil.

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Book Read with bryan ( My dream is to have book read on health topics with public again )

I used to have book read at orchard library but ever since library change of management i applied before is so much red tapes. So my philosphy in life is , if people dont give u chance u create ur own chance"
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So yesterday i shared about Da Chang Jin Health recipes:>

Bryan Share unique exercises:>
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