Monday, July 23, 2018

Sleep And Essential Oil PART ONE

Sleeping can be a problem when you passed 30s or in the peak problems 40s and 50s and 60s.

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Sometimes this is because of the stress and accumulated issues in ur life that stored in ur memory system.

Our body has  ROM and RAM. So we need to format this ROM.

This ROM are stored issues that are not able to release easily and sometimes u think is gone but is still within you.

RAM are energy from environment, weather, movement of the star signs that affect your gravitational pull. And also the 24 seasons in CHinese 节气。


Weather: Normally June July and August are the most difficult to achieve quality sleep period in Singapore region.

Personal Experience: Since young I am a light sleeper. Is in my genes and I feel the sleep issues surface when I have many events and weather is hot. But again I will use methods to help in resolving these.

Aromatherapy Omhealth methods

8 essential Oil that works very well for sleep


A. Lavendula vera [bulgaria highland grade is for sleep] (Main)


  1. Peppermint   (some may say this oil is active, but active attack active and sometimes sleep issues is neck pain, so combine with marjoram seems to help release)
  2. Marjoram (sleepy oil and when driving dont inhale this and also release past anger sorrow)
  3. Cedarwood     ( healthy function of the pineal gland, which releases melatonin).
  4. Frankincense  ( calm mind and diminish sorrow and activate body to heal)
  5. Eucalyptus (lungs Qi not enough result in sleep issues)
  6. Bergamot  ( Tension and dont know why u feel insomnia)
  7. Grapefruit Pink  (to once again bring the happiness back, most famous oil since 1998, and this is one of omhealth famous oil)
personally Cedarwood is a must have. U can try lavender and cedarwood. Cedarwood loves lavender and bergamot and frankincense together .

To use for massage in bigger area. u need some rice bran oil on palm than mix 2-3 of the oil and massage stomach or chest or neck.

Our body have few point to massage in the oil to sleep better.

A) Neck Shoulder
B) Chest
C) Stomach

A B and C u can mix with the carrier oil and massage better.

D) lavender and eucalyptus on base foot wear socks.

THere are few types of sleep problems but I find if u able to combine the oil until u find ur cure is best; When I say combine is either u use lavender and one of the transformers

I have also use Healing Trees Oil and Rose balm and Kwa Sha plates

The TEA now is repleaced with OMHEALTH GOLD TEA and we drink this before 3pm.

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