Friday, February 21, 2020

5 Element Exercise Class with Bamboo sticks

5 element exercise was created in 2004. This Year 2020

2020 5 element exercise class with Bamboo Stick

Date : 19th April 2020
Venue: Civil Service Club 60 Tessensohn road.
Time: 930am to 1130am
Limited Space: email
Fees: $55

23 years of omhealth with Lao Shi Bryan .

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1) 5 element Qi Gong
2) Meridians and music for wellness
3) Aromatherapy with black tourmaline stomach healing movement
4) Bamboo Hit body technique for luck and health . Yes Luck ahaha
    i) Insomnia
    ii) Worries
    iii) Digestive issues
5) 女人我最大 脸部刮痧淋巴排毒法
6)Music mantra Mudra Yoga singing exercise (features on TV in 2014)
7) Aromatherapy Color breathing exercise 3 color breathing
8) Herbal Tea for  Health

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Bryan Lao Shi invited at Raffles Place to demo 5 element Qi gong for 1000 pax

The class consist of 5 element Qi Gong follows by traditional healing exercise almost every few years will be different. Example the Double Qi Ball, the Pai Da Bat.
This year 5 element exercise class combines with Bamboo Luck Sticks for all. And also our famous 5 element Qi Gong for wellness.

Bryan Lao Shi has taught 5 element Qi Gong at Gardens and his techniques was introduced on TV HK show.
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