Monday, February 17, 2020

Iimmune Blend Stong Blend

The immune booster blend is a very sttrong blend.As it has high percentage of oregano and red thyme. So if ur skin is sensitive do further dilute it with either coconut oil, jojoba or rice bran oil.

So for this immune blend do take note to perform test abit is it very hot for ur skin.

The sensation will be like chilli for skin. So remember to test. For me i ok:>

Why I use this few oil in this blend because i know they have strong immunity power and fight virus.

(Below few lines extracted from research )

Red thyme i have find that some cancer research that it has some effect on it but i am not doctor , what i heard of from teachers it has good reactions for tumors.

[ Below extracted from articles , and not omhealth research material]

Colon cancer

A study carried out in Lisbon, Portugal, found that extracts of mastic thyme might protect people from colon cancers.

Breast cancer

Researchers in Turkey looked at the effect of wild thyme on breast cancer activity, and specifically how it affected apoptosis, or cell death, and gene-related events in breast cancer cells.
They found that wild thyme caused cell death in breast cancer cells. ]

Oregano: The oregano oil has the ability to selectively kill the cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells intact.

Limited for this season only immune blend $28 normally $45

Sanitiser will only be avaliable on Friday; thanks for the patience for the wait.

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