Thursday, August 2, 2007

FM 972 Live talk show with Violet

It is great fun to be a guest at Violet's progam. Theres so much laughter. I should say she is a very cheerful, easy going and smart lady :D
Violet color represents wisdom, happiness, contented and opportunity. During the program, I talk about color breathing exercise. I hope you enjoyed it.
I used the picture on the left to represent Violet's personality :)
Have a beautiful day. My next appearance for the talk show is on 20th August, 2pm to 3pm. I will talk about fun topics for family health and wellness. Tune in to Violet's program daily at 1pm. Its a very good informative show.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I missed your talk show with violet, as I am now in the US.
Did you record the talk show?

Lay Khim

DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Thanks Bryan for your appearance in my program. Not only the listeners learnt at lot, I also gain a lot of knowledge from you. Really fun and informative. I enjoyed myself too!

Thanks for the picture too, it is so nice!! I like it very much!