Monday, August 27, 2007

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Just attended a photoshoot for a local health magazine :)


Being a certified crystal-color therapist, I also talk about color therapy on Love 97.2Fm during Violet FenYing's program every alternate week. Stay tune if you wants to learn more about crystals and color therapy :)
A good blog on handmade crystal jewelleries that I want to mention here is The designer used to be my aromatherapy customer 6 years ago till now. She used really nice crystals for her jewelleries. Check it out :D
Latest research Pearl powder, Green clay, pink clay, yellow clay mask .
Many of us know that pearl powder creates wonders for the skin. I discovered that it works even better when combine with aromatherapy :) Want to know more? Join me for my workshop on 21st September.

Soup to nourish skin & hair.
He Shou wu nourish kidney and increase bowel movements too.
Red dates nourish the Ki of body.
I drink this twice a week for skin and hair.
20 gram of He SHou Wu, 7 red dates and 700 cc of water. Use small fire to boil for half an hour.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Can you give me the address of the chinatown shop that sells wooden comb? $9 right?

Thank you and have a good day

Annie Yeo

XueLi said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi

Your photoshoot not bad, very style, may i know which local health magazine is it?
i oso want to know the addr of the shop which u bought your wooden comb.. i couldnt find leh
pls advise


Anonymous said...

hI BrYan,

I being using the slimming serum constantly for 2 weeks and the cellulite on my thigh reduce. Hoho!! Yeah.. Btw, may i knw where will ur 21st workshop held?

Thanks =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian Laoshi

Thanks for sharing with us all your herbal soup. They are so simple and yet so effective hor.


Anonymous said...

Bryan i find that you really sincere in answering our questions, and my son is better now after seekingur advice on remedies for stress in Exam.

thanks wonderful grapefruit pink and lavendula vera


Anonymous said...

Good day

After going round and round Temple Street still cannot find, Is really great joy when you found the shop and the address is:
Hwa Yi Investments Co. Pte Ltd
36 Temple Street #01-05 or
42 Pagoda Street

Veronica Woo

Bryan Gan said...

aahahah Veronica thanks so much, i was so busy till i did not go down to look for address.

remember get the $9 plus one is good enough.
thank you all for being so helpful and giving me so many positive feedbacks.

One good news, i am in the process of improving the packaging of my oil label, no extra cost will be impost on you. I need to improve the packaging because people who dont know me if use my item , they may thought is fake things. Lately of 2 case , 2 husband attended my talk bought items for their wife, end up their wife call me to refund the item because they say the packaging was poor with no professional and do not know who i am, i was a bit hurt because of their rude demanding tone but i am positive thinker so i transform this energy and make an effort to produce nice label soon, thanks to this two lady, (but is ur husband that bought for you, you should not be so rude to me).

Another 2 good news, one old lady injured leg for a long time has recovered using my 3 oil method, soon i may have a chance to interview her for testomonials.

bryan (happy mood) My products going to go international soon

Anonymous said...

Bryan, seldom see you comments bryan.
Keep up the good work. And we know you make alot of effort to help us.

I must say you are very patience with us in the class. The 3 oil method indeed help me to overcome many years of torture for my neck pain and headache.

I saw a feedback from iweekly reader in this issue iweekly saying his back pain recovered. Bryan go and read , it will inspire you even further.

annie leong

Anonymous said...

ilove the serum it really lighten my acne scar thanks. Is clearer now and i wish to order more soon.

geroge lee

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Can i still use the wooden comb if I dont have the rosemary & lavendula? Will it be effective without the oil?

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous, the oil is very useful, the smell very calming and really beautiful hair, i attended his class, i use the oil only once a week on the wooden comb, and use the same comb every day.

I also use this two oil of his to do footbath.


Anonymous said...


Can anyone advise me 700cc water is how many ml?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi

As you know I bought face serum for friends locally and overseas. They ask me questions I can't answer wo. What are the ingredients and where the serum is from? Label don't state le. One also said the serum exfoliates. Please enlighten.
Thanks for your help.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

If I want to start using oil, which are the basic one that I must buy because there are so many type.

Anonymous said...

700cc is also the same as 700ml

Bryan Gan Beauty, Health, Team Building Instructor said...

Facial serum:

This lightweight serum is ideal for the lightening and depigmentation of the skin; it softly evens out blotches and moisturises for smoother, more even skin tone. Contains Bearberry Leaf Extract, green tea extract, and Vitamin C.

The whitening serum is made from natural, safe ingredients, which produce effective results without any risk to sensitive or delicate skin.

Directions of use:

First 3 days apply day and night after cleanse face. Fourth day you can apply once a day in the evening.
Squeeze a bit is enough for whole face and neck. Once u squeeze out massage into face and neck. Your palm may feel oily but is not oily at all, it will disappear in 1-2 minutes because of the hydrolyzed collagen.

Anonymous said...

hi all,

u can get wooden comb from body shop also. selling at s$7.9.

Anonymous said...

Hi only the wooden comb from Hwa yi is real Tao wood. at $9 only

Anonymous said...

BRYAN老师, 我是黄太太。 我想请问你的 blog 可否写成华语?因为我本身是受华文教育的。谢谢你!  =)