Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bryan Positive affirmation for better life

This blog is really dedicated to share my findings. Today, allow me to share something about myself.

I am a person who always try to accomodate as much as I can to everyone. Participants who have attended my workshops will know my character. Today, I met a businessman who told me something, "Do your best, give your best and let go". Hmmm...I pondered over his words and think its pretty meaningful. Sometimes, I take things too seriously and sometimes people took me for granted...hhhaaahahahhaa.

All this years, I came across many different situations and encounters. It makes me learn and grow in the process. I learnt the importance of practising great compassion and loving kindness in all situtations. I am more hot temper in my younger days but I have mellowed down a lot now. I will try my very best to answer your questions but hope you do not be unreasonable and take me for granted :)
Bryan's Positive Affirmation
" I am a positive thinker. This day and every day, my mind is filled with positive thoughts creating a beautiful and positive life for me."

Repeat 10 times everyday ... by bryan gan certified positive affirmation therapist


emily_er@hotmail.com said...

bryan lao shi, i heard ur radio programm today is very good.

Aiyo what happen to u ah today, we know u put in alot of effort ah.... and u have help many listeners already give a pat on ur shoulder ok.

One more good news to cheer u up, my colleague who works in singtel she got back pain, i do the 3 oil method for her, now she is so much better

Anonymous said...

lao shi, the 11 aug workshop is very good, and the facial serum i tried is really good, thanks for ur effort and keepup the good work

li cong

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Bryan! You don't have to and you just can't please everyone. Most importantly, you've to be happy yourself first. You have already done a good job sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. We are all grateful for your efforts. Those who don't appreciate that, it's their loss.
Cheer up!

Camille said...

Hi Bryan lao shi,

Really appreciate what u hv been teaching us.

From the workshop can know that u really put a lot of effort on it.Thank you very much.

Don't like that lah! cheer up!

Fingertips@Singtrain said...

Hi Bryan

Your efforts and selflessness in sharing your knowledge are highly endorsed by many of your students and listeners.

You have indirectly groomed many people to become "experts" in managing theirs and their family health and beauty.

We believed all your students appreciate you in their very own ways..... althou some may not know how to show it postively.

Teachers' Day coming.... Lets wish Bryan Lao Shi "A Happy and Resourceful Teachers Day"

Wendy Lee

Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan,

May your day be as wonderful as you are !


XueLi said...

Bryan Laoshi

Nowadays, i hv learnt to turn a deaf ear and ignore wat ppl say, so long we are clear of our conscience and had already done our best in our part.


keep it up and 3 cheers from all of us

Bryan Gan said...

Hey all,

thanks for inspiring me, will continue my research work.

to share more with you all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan lao shi, I got your blog when i was serving the net, it is a very helpful site, which i learn lots of interesting stuff. I wish i can attend your any class,but......
Nobody can satisfy everyone, the most impt is you got to be happy, then ppl around you will be happy too.
Everything comes with positive energy.
Keep it up!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Think positive, we are unable to please anyone. So long yr conscience is clear do not bother about other pple.

Cheers Edna