Monday, August 13, 2007


For those who have never attended my workshop before, I will organise one during weekdays to benefit more people who are not able to make it for my weekend class.

Aroma color music acupressure for beauty and health.
Date: 14th September
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: will announce soon(will be near mrt). REGISTER NOW for first timer only;
Fees: $5
Backpain, insomnia, aging, hair. Boost immune system, music therapy and more
For those attended my workshop before at Yamaha and media corp you can attend
Get Young with bryan (fun techniques to get young and antiaging)
Date: 21st September
Time : 7pm to 9pm
Venue will announce soon. Register now, for those who attended before at civil service club need not attend.
Topics same as 11 Aug please scroll and see below. (those attend 11 Aug before need not attend)


Susan aka leonids said...

Interested in your 21st September workshop. Please email me at for confirmation and venue detail.

Susan aka leonids

Anonymous said...

hi bryan, so happy u think for those who cannot ur wonderful workshop, will email u to register,

Susan ah, must email bryan one to register


Anonymous said...

Bryan my skin has improved alot after attending ur cold storage talk.
thanks alot.
I am interested in ur facial serum please let me know how to order.

Camille said...

just email to bryan lao shi to order at than he will mail to you.

Anonymous said...

i have bad breath, after drinking the Gui hua tea u taught us to make, it improve so much thanks alot bryan

will attend ur workshop i heard alot good feedbacks from friends.

Anonymous said...


I have natural brown hair that turn grey faster than normal dark hair. Plus my hair texture is lousy also its extremely dry. Whats can I do to slow down greyish hair.
Im only in my twenties.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brayan, am frist time see your mail, am interested in your 21st Sept workshop, pls e-mail me at for confirmation.

Thks u
Best Regards

mdm tan said...

hi bryan,

can you organise a workshop on crystals or gems, like wearing what is good for lottery, or my son study, what can he wear to boost exam luck and my husband, in office, how to be well liked by people. or maybe you can post up an article on it. how much you charge? do you see the fortune for people?

XueLi said...

Bryan Laoshi

can i have the complete address of where you got your wooden comb, Temple St, how abt the shop name and unit #.

Laoshi, i had been looking high & low for wooden comb and empty containers for my DIY toner, masks, moisturizer,etc, alwaz cnt find the proper size. Pls help


Anonymous said...

Halo xueli, and all, hmmm chinatown temple street ah , i this 2 days go shopping and look for u all ok.

bottles can use my clay bottles, if u wan i can buy for u lor, but u pick up can?

XueLi said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for your help, i dun mind picking it up from u, or u can let me know where u got it so that i can go choose myself, like got a lot of things wan to buy like that!!! haha...Can i oso know your name so that i can thank u personally.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Hi Xueli,

You can get the wooden comb from DAISO $2 each, you can refer to YongMei blog (with picture). Actually I bought the comb from Pasang Malam also at $2.

Have a nice day.

Jane Loo

XueLi said...

Hi Jane

Thanks again, regarding the comb Yongmei bought from Daiso. That day during the course on 11Aug, Bryan Laoshi mentioned abt it too, but he said dun noe if it works...anyway $2 can try hor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

I have never attend any of your workshop, so can I register for both of your workshop on 14 Sep and 21 Sep. Thanks.

Please email me for confirmation and details at

Thanks and hope to hear from you very soon.