Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zu San Li --- Bloated

I used to have bloated stomach. Sometimes even when I felt hungry, after my meals, I felt bloated again.

In order to have beautiful and healthy skin, one should have a good digestive system and blood circulation, 皮肤的反射是肚子的消化系统。一旦消化好,肤色也当然亮丽。最近天气又热又潮湿很多人也得了肚子胀风的问题which causes poor appetite, poor skin texture and dull skin.

As shown in this picture, Try this acupressure point "Zu San Li" with aromatherapy to help reduce stomach discomfort. It helps a lot. Press for 6 seconds and release for 3- 5 minutes.

足三里 : 外膝眼下3 寸. 治胃痛,呕吐,腹胀, 便秘 Remove damp energy, strengthen ki too.

For stomach massage, first lie down. Add Mandarin oil, Peppermint and Lavendula vera into a 20 cents size body lotion. Massage on the stomach clockwise as shown previously in


Anonymous said...

bryan thanks for teaching us this point last saturday, my bloated stomach has improved alot. Also the neroli oil really may my skin more radiant.

I know u want to improve packaging of ur items, my company deal with printing, i will call you ok.

siew hui

Anonymous said...

bryan i tried the three oil, is very effective for my back pain

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is good that u teach us this point many of us are suffering from indigestion and bloated stomach.
Thanks for your effor bryan

i love the lemon oil, is really fresh.

zi yi