Friday, August 17, 2007

Power Point for health

Over the past 10 years. I have developed some simple methods that combine acupressure with breathing exercise for beauty and health.

Today, let me share one method with you :)

Bigger Rushing Location:
Locate this point as shown in the picture. On the top of the foot, in the valley between the big toe and second toe. Press for 6 seconds and release for 4 mins.

Benefits: Relieves foot cramps, headaches, eye fatigue, hangovers, allergies, and arthritis. It can also help those who have physical exhausation

Caution: If you have a serious illness, or life-threatening illness such as heart disease, or cancer, please do not do ok. Consult your doctor first


richard said...

attended ur yamaha workshop is eye opening, and informative, my stomach is better now using the acupressure u taught us.

Will some support ur part 2 workshop
thanks bryan for ur effort.


Anonymous said...

Good work done, keep it up. I will share this blog with more people. Oh the facial serum i give it to my mother, she loves it and her skin texture has improve alot after a month.

yeah i heard u wan to improve packaging bryan, will call u to share with u where. But dont increase the price la


XueLi said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi

u really need a good rest, we will wait for u to come back

Thanks & take care

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gan,
please reply to our letters that we send to your email.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Suppose you are very busy. I am also waiting for your reply via my email.

I actually registered for the seminar on 11 Aug 12.30 slot, but did not receive any reply (email and phone), so I missed it.

I do not wish to miss this time, so will be glad if you can response. Besides, you mentioned you will be taking a month's rest.


Anonymous said...

is it the weather, my family do have bloated stomach for past few weeks. Thanks for this useful information , we are now faithfully trying the point acupressure with ur oil.

will let u know if there are good results soon


Anonymous said...

Resting for 1 month. Oh no we will
miss u.
Hv a good rest.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chinese blog for the non-english reader?
Wei Wei

Bryan Gan said...

Oh , Xue li has a very interesting website, do go visit. Her blog is

enjoy friends.....

XueLi said...

Bryan Lao shi

Thanks for recommending friends to my blog, no wonder my visitors attendance suddenly shot up!!!

Hi Wei Wei


These 3 blogs got lots of chinese and highly recommend, do go visit them and am sure u like it.

As for myself, my chinese are not so good, but i'll try to put in more chinese too.

Eileen said...

Bryan laoshi,

Just to check, is your seminar on 14 Sep 07 conduct in English or mandarin?

Anonymous said...

all bryan workhop is english i ask him alreday eileen


XueLi said...

Hi, ya, its true that most of Bryan Laoshi's workshop are in english, but he do used lots of mandarin in his workshops and sometimes a little dialect when he is not sure if we understand anot!

anyway very very enriching workshop he has and its worth alot to attend.

we already learnt alot from him and still will continue to support him

cheers Bryan Laoshi

Anonymous said...


Anyone can help me as I have tried many types of shampoo , but still drop a lot of hair . Pls advise.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I am new to this website and I am interested to attend Bryan's 14th sept workshop.

Can anyone here advise me how to enrol for this workshop?


Anonymous said...

Pls email to to enrol.


Anonymous said...

I love bryan workshop and his programm with violet , he notupdated blog for few days le.... because he is coming to NTU my work place to give a seminar ahahah

so happy is tomorrw.


Anonymous said...

i must say the serum is good, thanks bryan. Also my brother's leg was pain for a long time, and has recovered after usingur three oil method.

once again thanks so much