Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bryan's slimming tea

Bryan slimming tea

This herbal tea help to improve digestion, lost weight, improve body metabolism rate, reduce fat (zhi1 fang2), remove water retention. However, if you have stomach problem like gastric, you should not drink this tea.
荷叶 8 gram ,薄荷叶 3 gram,淡竹叶 5 gram

Put the ingredients into a tea pot. Pour in 500cc of boiling water, steep for 10minutes. Drink when its warm.

You can pounce the ingredients into smaller pieces and put in empty tea bags. This is very handy to bring to office to drink.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan, where can i buy the slimming tea ingredients from?
Do you have any thing that is good for stroke person (for My Mum)
Please email to me at

Quek (AMK)

Anonymous said...

Like to know how often can drink the slimming tea? any side effects? Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I remember during your lesson at yamaha, you mention a type of soup i think is 'Si Shen Tang' can relief tireness?

Can you tell me how to boil it, how man bowl of water and boil how long?

Thank you very much.


XueLi said...

Hi Lao Shi

u said ppl having gastric cnt drink that herbal tea, may i know is there another tea having the same remedies and is suitable for ppl like me who has slight gastric.

Lao Shi, i had reserved 2 seats wif you for the 11Aug 10am workshop, may i know is the course also suitable for my husband.

Thank you
Shirley Yeong

Seri said...

Hi Bryan,

how much is the slimming serum and how can i buy it?

can it firm my skin?

you can also email me at

Anonymous said...

Hi Quek,

Last nite i just bought the slimming tea ingredients from chinese medial shop & is very cheap i only pay 1.80 for three item. I'm not good in chinese so i print out & show it to the shop. I try the tea last nite taste quite nice. can try.
Thank you & Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Can we drink the slimming tea every day?

Thanks and Best Regards


Anonymous said...


Can I know where can i get Grapefruit oil and what can I drink for slimming as I have gastric problems.

Bryan Gan said...

Hi , the slimming tea should not be drank by those who stomach problems,any oils u need can email me for price list items

the slimming tea is nice i like too, i drink 3 times a week. I will explain in class

for the class u can bring ur husband, but make sure he is not bored, because this sat class really target on beauty.

sihen soup i will show in class too xueli

Anonymous said...

lao shi ur facial serum i check in market all, selling at $150 plus amazing expensive, but they have nicer bottle. But to me i still go for urs because is really reasonable price, may be in future u can improve ur packaging and sell higher ahahah

kai sin

mc said...

Hi Bryan,

So happy to know that yr class is FULL HOUSE again ....

Keep up the good job and all the best!


Anonymous said...


email u got price list but you never reply de leh.

haha, maybe ur mailbox flooded.

:) hope can hear from u soon.

bring more stock on saturday so we can purchase. perhaps can sell the ingredients for the tea too.

can u also talk about constipation please - since beauty, cos if constipation will lead to face got acne, also related to beauty.

xie xie!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I regsitered for your 11 Aug 07 class at 12.30pm to 2.3pm. But, I still have not received your reply at my email.

Hope to hear from your soon. thanks.


Anonymous said...

bryan the slimming serum is kinda of effective i used it before yoga

thank you

Anonymous said...

bryan the slimming serum is amazing. I am quite skeptical at first but i can see my orange peel skin at leg get smoother.

Will use it , thanks for ur effort.

i know slimming serum is quite expensive in market and contains chemical, thanks for supplying us this natural products without preseravative.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Hope I will not be too late to use the slimming serum.

Will get it from you tomolo. By the way, will u still contact us to confirm our seat for tomolo.

Pls advsie.

Anonymous said...

lao shi the slimming serum is effective in reducing my skin cellulite. thanks


Anonymous said...


Hv tried the herbal tea, there's not much taste in it - can just say abit of colour water. No character. After drink, what do we expect to c, eg visit toilet more or.... sorry to say that I hv no reaction at all.

Pls advise.

Thks HK Lim

richard said...

Hi HK Lim, bryan lao shi mention the tea is not to be harsh to the body, is for general health and metabolism rate u dont expect thick color make u diahreea is bad for health. i do a reasarch about this tea combination is good but not for people who have digestive problem. I dont understand what reaction u want ahahah.

I drink this tea with family is very comforting. Slim is second priority, in chinese lotus leaf is famous for slimming naturally, if u wan thick taste u can go buy commercial 21st century slimming tea lor, make u lao sai ,i think u prefer that.


Bryan Gan said...

Hi Tay

thanks for replying, but you sound a bit "rude" wor ahahhaa.... . Hi HK, the tea is meant for metabolism rate and health, not meant to have harsh effect on tummy. There are many other receipe for slimming, slowly i will introduce ok.

Mabel ah, i remember you, the water is around 1 litre.

Anonymous said...

hi bryan,
where i can buy the slimming herbal tea?