Thursday, September 13, 2007

Grapefruit Pink with Rose Geranium

Participants who will be attending my workshop this friday, 14 Sep, will be the first to see the latest label design by an artist(edric). Its drawn by Edric and its water proof. A total of 7 designs.
Grapefruit Pink is a very high antioxidant oil.I only believe in fresh grapefruit pink. All your orders of my aroma oil when reached you, is less than 7 days from the day it was extracted.
Historical uses:
Depression, used as a tonic in drug withdrawal, Reducing water retention and cellulite, lymphatic decongestant, gallstones. It's uplifting and euphoric, increases self-esteem and bolsters confidence.

I will combine it with Rose Geranium for facial steaming. Alternatively, I will put one drop onto tissue and inhale from it whenever I feel stressed.


Anonymous said...

hi bryan lao shi,
attended your workshop yesterday, after doing breathing exercise i feel better on my headaches.

thanks for your health tips, it was a very interesting class

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Can you touch the topic on eye bag.
I have very bad eye bag and tried many cream but cannot help.
I heard must go for surgery for the eye bag and I thought of going to see the doctor but don't have the courage.

Can you help.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan or Passerby,

I would like to know what is the
right essential oil for exam stress.

XueLi said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi

For sometimes didnt leave comments on your blog le, but still visits everyday...Busy making mooncakes ah me!

My facial serum is running out soon, need to order from you again, will contact you.


Anonymous said...

Hi...Body bushing together with grapefuit oil is very good for detox and toning...Add a few drops of grapefuit oil onto brush...Try to use twice a week... You will notice a beautiful and glowing skin in one month.... ^_^