Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival | Family day

The response has been really overwhelming ever since I started this blog in April. Thank you all. Today is the eve of mooncake festival. Bryan wishes every reader good health and happiness always.

This is a picture of my mom and I during my childhood. And now me and my mom are planning all the beauty, health, and positive-thinking workshops together.

Time flies and everyone will age. Most importantly is to have a meaningful life, contributing happiness to the people around us. This is what mom had taught me. And for this reason, we included a music & dance therapy that spread happiness in one of my workshop. Those who had attended Bryan's Part 1 workshop will know what I am talking about ;D

My Mom was very very very pretty in her younger days, and I think she still is now. She had gone through a lot of hardship to bring me up. She is the best, that's why in radio last week, i introduced a herbal tea that is good for all mothers. This herbal tea can help one to feel younger and enjoy good health. Also Rose Geranium Flora Water was developed and inspired by my mother. This flora water is my mom's favourite. She has been using it since 1995 when i gave her the first bottle. It is not sold in Singapore now because of the low profit margin but again, i will continue to sell and maintain its freshness and low price for another 10 years.


Carnation Tea: Put 3 Carnation flowers in a cup and pour in boiling water and allow to steep for 15mins. Add some honey and drink. It's one of my mom's favourite tea and has anti-aging, detoxifying properties, and beautify the skin.

I am still searching for a good suitable venue for my next workshop for First-Timers. You can register for this workshop on "Beauty and Health with Bryan" 19th Oct by emailing to me at with your mobile number, and i will contact you.


Anonymous said...

Wah, bryan your mother look pretty,
really a mother and son workshop, very heartwarming when attending your class.

Yeah i am using ur flora water IS THE BEST. Anti stress and my skin is well hydrated.

keep up the good work bryan lao shi

jane lee

Anonymous said...

I love the floral water too! Thanks Bryan, for keep the price constant!

kl said...

Bryan lao shi

The floral water is wonderful. Wishing you have a Happy Mooncake Festival.

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi wish u and ur mother have a happy Moon cake festival. What a cool picture you show us.

And also i will try the flora water too, and get one for my mother.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan Lao Shi

I have been using your previous serum and it is very good and now I am switching to your Antiaging Collagen Serum, I am sure it will make me look even better.

Thanks for replying to my e-mail so promptly and all your hard work is been appreciated.

Your mum really look beautiful in her young days and even now. Keep up yours good work.

Anonymous said...

Oh forget my name

Carol Low

Susan aka leonids said...

Indeed the Floral water + neroli oil are very good.

Being in the air-con room for long hours, my skin is very dehydrated. After using the above mentioned, my skin is less dry and feel tender.

Bryan, thank you so much for introducing the products, shared your recipes and maintaining such an affordable price.

I am interested in your 8 hours course. Please contact me if the course is available.

Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, ur workhop in our company leave us a deep impression. I must say you are the best speakers ever appearin our company. Thanks for coming to NTU


Anonymous said...

hi bryan lao shi,



Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan lao shi,

Alice Poh said...

Brayan lao shi,Happy Moon cake festival.
Can you tell me where can buy "Carnation flowers"?
Cheers , Alice

Anonymous said...

lao shi happy moon cake festival

wish u and ur mother happy and young.

Love the new antiaging serum, it helps me to soothe my dry skin which was very sensitive.

Now better. Thanks for being patient answering my questions last nite in the phone.

jane tan

Anonymous said...

Great website loaded with information and mother and son company workshop very touching and good.

Attended your workshop last friday i thought 2 hours is long, but i find that 4 hours is look enough. You are able to keep 100 over people seat still and love full 2 hours and with informative knowledge thanks bryan. the new antiaging serum is as good as the vita serum, last time my skin was sensitive cannot use vita serum now i can use this wonderful anti age serum which works so well after 4 days of use

mary ng

Anonymous said...

Attended 5 years ago your workshop in IDA , leave a very deep impression in everyone of us. wish u happy festival and i encourage local companies to arrange your workshop for them because you are great


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi i hereby wish you successful in all aspect.

Also my back pain has recovered using the 3 oil method and warm water compress. thanks so much

ai kai

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
Wish you and your mom a very happy mid-autumn moon festival...
Also want to let you know that I have tried your bath oil... find it very good... skin became very smooth to the touch..thank you so much! Your mom looks radiant and her face glows...demure and pretty.
Alice Ng

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

Can you share with us what bath oil is that? (The one that Ms Alice Ng commented about...) Thanks!

sallyneo said...

Hi i also got the bath oil from bryan that day.

He mix honey with coconut oil. And after that must shake well before use. Is amazing my skin become so smooth. Thank you bryan lao shi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

May I know where can I get the carnation flower? I went to the medical shop to ask but they say they don't sell.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sally Neo
Can you tell us the step for which type of honey and how much of coconut oil?
Thank you very much.

Sally Foo

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan lao shi,

Dun forget your part 2 workshop for 14 Sep orr..


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice Poh, I managed to buy carnation flower at OG Albert, Level 2 and also gui hua which Bryan laoshi recommended in his earlier blog


Anonymous said...


Carnation flower and many other flower can get from the hawker centre (2nd level) which is opposite OG Albert


Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa,tks.Got your information.Cheers,Alice Poh