Sunday, September 30, 2007

Detox and health

Hi i will be on air this Wednesday FM 97.2 2pm with Violet. And every tues and wed with Yong Mei at 4pm. New topics and soup recipes awaits you :D I went market yesterday and a cute veggie stall aunty mentioned to me about Bryan Lao Shi and Fo Shou Guo. Now several wet markets selling this fruit. Happy to share more new recipes with you all. Hmmmm...Bryan Lao Shi is me lah :D Hahahahaaa
Fun workshop for first timer on19 oct register now (Health and beauty with Bryan)

Detox :
It is important to detox your body once a week. A footbath of warm water with 2 drops Lemongrass oil and 2 drops Rosemary oil for 15 mins and 3 times a week. Not only it helps to detox your body but also bring calmness to your system. Foot bath also help to overcome insomnia and chronic fatigue. Perform the foot bath in the evening.

Acupressure method
Kidneys help to filter waste materials from the blood. If there is too much waste in our body system, our kidneys will not be able to filter all of it. The waste will tend to collect in the ducts and tubules of the kidneys, which in turn affects one’s health and also causes rough skin and skin rashes easily.
This acupressure method can be performed daily. First put one drop of Grapefruit Pink and one drop of Lavendula Vera in tissue. Inhale slowly few times from the tissue to calm down your mind. Do the oil inhalation just once a week, but 'hitting' of kidney can be performed everyday.

Locate your kidneys which are just above the lowest rib in the back on either side of the spine. Use your fist and hit the kidneys using the back of your fist (between the wrist and knuckles). Not too hard but comfortably hard enough. Hit 25 times


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is an enjoyment. I can see bryan you work day and night for us. Thanks alot.

New antiaging serum is doing good to my dehydrated skin. I love it. I can see good results. thank you bryan. I suggest on the left label , u can have an item list si people can click and know what things you have.


Anonymous said...

Yeah agreed. the antiaging serum boost up my skin. Bryan lao shi, can u organise a workshop part 2 fast for those who attended the 14 sep and yamaha workshop asap.

lai lin

XueLi said...

Bryan 老师,辛苦您了,记得要多休息哦!

Anonymous said...

lao shi, i just wan to praise you for your effort and everyone loves and adores you. I belief by now there are few thousands of people attended your workshop, i heard about u 5 years ago and 14 sep was my first time attending your workshop. Thanks for inspiring us to take care of our health. Sometimes we see people take u for advantage and "bully" you but you always smile. Happy birthday to u ok.
Keep up the good work. And i am using the flora water ur mom is using. Is really good ahahha


Anonymous said...

I wanted to visit the Chinese physician that Bryan Lao Shi recommended. Can anybody who visited the physician let me know the contact no and address..cos i think need to book in advance for consultation. Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi 11:09am

the chinese physician phone no:67455365 Mdm Ng b4 visit need to make appointment. The doctor is Great. I must said many thank to bryan lao shi reccommend the right and good doctor for me. Thank a lot lao shi

shao yin

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Shao Yin!

Anonymous said...


The chinese physician doctor is good, but give ur a commend the clinic a bit not nice. anyway i visit few time & my health got improve a lot, compare to other doctor she is cheap. because i got try many doctor b4.

Shao Yin

Anonymous said...

Ai lee here, bryan lao shi this doctor is really good one, i have bloated stomach many years and now i am ok. Although what shao yin mean is the shop looks old, but the doctor very very good. Means clinic not nice is the building look old la.

I recommend for those who see many doctors also no improvement can try to see mdm ng, thank you bryan lao shi always lookout for us different things in the market.


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me where is the clinic of this chinese physician