Friday, October 12, 2007

Detox Juice

I will make this juice whenever I feel my system getting sluggish. Probably due to too much fried food for the past 6 days in Taipei.
This detox juice can be drank on empty stomach early in the morning. Its very simple to make. Just put all the ingredients into a blender and u get a healthy detox juice :D Easy right? Ingredients include: organic beetroot, green apple,tomatoe and white carrot. Oops tomatoes in this picture because I finished them le. Hahahaahaa....
My skin is radiant once again! Drink this once a week only. However, if you have weak stomach, do check with me before you try ok?
And also, do not add cold water and ice. Just add a bit of water.
Look out for my next posting where I will introduce a series of new workshops and also announce the date for Part 2 workshop. I was told that, this month U.Me magazine has quite high sales rate. Thanks a lot for all your support :)
Arrival of fresh flora water, serum and neroli oil.....:> Drop me an email at for my product list. My sincere apologies to those who had waited for almost a week, I will send out by today.


Anonymous said...

Hi bryan , i have tried beetroot juice before, after 4 hours the urine is red in color. Amazing juice.

Thanks for you advice. Oh i have tried the neroli facial oil, is good. I suggest is better to use if u sleep in aircon room.


Anonymous said...

lao shi how did u manage to update blog so frequently ah....

i really salute u. Despite ur busy schedule.

I tried the fo shou guo soup, whole family love it. Looking forward for your new tips.

THe hair dryer method for flu is really good. thanks


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, i bought the ingredients yesterday, and tried this juice at 8am. Now 1030, yeah the urine is red. But whold body feel very good and dont have diahrrea feeling. Agreed it taste terrible. will keep u update.


Anonymous said...

bryan the flora water is amazing, and this is my second day of drinking this juice.

Amazing result for my skin and bowel system. Is not like lemon that injured stomach.
This juice really make me feel energetic.

guo li

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

I always feel bloated after finish eating, can i drink this?

*Bryan Gan* said...

Bloated stomach should not take this first, look under my blog which has zu san li ppress the point. Also u can try take Bao zhi wan for two days.

This is just an advice base on my condition. Is bext u see a doctor ok.

Xueli said...

Bryan 老师,i finally got a copy of your magazine at 7-11, only 2 cps left...

Very interesting and health educating magazine

*Bryan Gan* said...

Xue li ah, thanks for your support. Is my first time in magazine that talk about me. I think is God Blessed.

I never thought i will be in media at all. I am really grateful for what i have and support from many of you..

I learn from young, be compassionate, responsible, grateful and gratitude at all times.

Today talk abit more because now i am am having a break writing for iweekly.
Is very useful

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Kindly advise what is the proportion of each item. When u said blend it, meaning we will eat with the fibre not just juice?
Y only once a week and not more?

Thks Poh

Xueli said...

Bryan 老师,u indeed deserve what u receive today cos u really put in alot of efforts.

Do u know,,not only did i learnt how to be healthy, young & pretty from you but also learn how to 对人和处事。

Thanks a lot, we will all support you

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I always have indigestion problem. Can don't eat for the whole day yet not feeling hungry. If I force myself to eat something, I can feel the stomach like a lot a air moving around. What is your advice. Pls help me. ZhenNi.

Anonymous said...

Hi bryan lao shi, the neroli oil with flora water really improve my skin texture,it produce very good result for my dry skin. Will share with more friends.


*Bryan Gan* said...

HI poh the proportion, is as shown , one each, and white carrot just arond 5 cm length. Yes blender, eat with fibre.

Hi Zhen ni, do consult a doctor if is serious, well u can try the issue on indigestion and detox, where there is a diagram on massage forindigestion please refer, it also tell u what oil to use,