Monday, October 15, 2007

Part 2 Workshop - 9 Nov

GOOD NEWS! PART 2 Workshop is here again on 9th Nov 2007.
Get younger with Bryan --- Focus on various anti-aging techniques, acupressure, hair care and a lot more. Will share with you all anti-aging techniques which include the use of ancient beauty soup and other techniques.
Venue: Cairnhill CC Time: 7pm - 9pm Fees : $5
[ Bryan and true Lavendula Vera Bulgaria]

Register at: and kindly include your mobile number so that I can confirm your attendance via mobile phone. Indicate 9th Nov Workshop as the "Subject" title.

Do not register if u attended before on 21 Sep and 11 Aug, you should wait for Part 3.

Companies who are interested in a 2 hrs workshop on Happiness and Body Wellness, contact me at

Types of Bryan public workshops:
1. Beauty and health with Bryan (for first timer)
2. Get younger with Bryan (Part 2)
3. Ancient foodcure with acupressure exercise workshop (next year Part 3)
4. Bryan Lao Shi welcome the Year of Rat 2008 (non-religious) Fengshui talk. How to achieve better luck and improve mentor luck through positive thinking

I will start two courses next year. The duration of each course is 8 hours. These 2 courses are certified and approved by SDF and WDA (SingTrain Academy)
---- >Certificate in Aromatherapy for pain relief
----->Certificate in New Age Therapy for total wellness
Look out for more details for these 2 courses, which will be announced soon :D
Bryan Lao Shi: certified aromatherapist, color therapist, psychology affirmation therapist. Qi Kong 8 movements, Reiki 2 certified, crystal fengshui USA certified therapist, RESET Jaw tension therapist. Founder of dance and scent therapy.


Anonymous said...

Attended your workshop, looking forward for part 3.

My sister and me really love your aroma oil, fresh and good grade.


Anonymous said...

Lao shi i went for facial and injured my skin, after which i use ur antiage serum, it heal very quickly just wanna feedback.


Anonymous said...

Hi bryan lao shi, do you have info on what type of fruit enzyme is good for what? I have the fa shi's enzyme from aunty Irene but it only list a few type of fruits.

Thank you.


Xueli said...

Bryan 老师

The 2 courses u mentioned which is for next year, is it suitable for everybody or only for those who had basic knowledge of aromatherapy?

Pls advise

Susan aka leonids said...

Thank you for introducing the floral water. I brought it on flight to Europe and it kept my skin moisture. Beside that, I also brought the essential oils which I have bought from you.

Relaxing Bath
I always have problem sleeping in Hotels. This keep me relax and get proper sleep.

Energizing Bath
Lemongrass and Rosemary
Because of jet-lag, I find this bath give me the energy in the morning.

Also looking forward to your Part III course too. Keep me posted.


Anonymous said...

I have tried ur digestive problem acupressure.

It really resolve my bloated stomach. ANd i wanna thank you bryan lao shi.

I have not felt so good for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Lao shi looking forward for your on air radio today at 2pm. Hope u will bring us more receipe on soup.

Thanks for your effort. I see good result in using facial steaming and clay mask for my acne prone skin.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan lao shi

I have not attend your classes b4, this nov 19, can i sign up or i have to wait for part 1? s