Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hi all. Guess what? After U.Me magazine, I will be interviewed by Wan Bao next friday. Something good la. I thank God for giving me all these opportunities, and all of u out there who have been supporting me in one way or another. Tune in to 9.72 FM next wednesday for more new tips.

Bryan Lao Shi's Neroli oil Blended with apricot kernel:

Neroli oil is, as its price suggests, its one of the finest of essential oils. Neroli
distilled from Orange Blossom is reported to have great benefits for all skin types because they fight against and help combat the negative effects of the weather, free radicals on our skin.
Neroli is considered to have a soothing effect on the nervous system. Traditionally, Neroli oil was used not only to relieve tension and anxiety, but also to increase blood circulation and heal thread vein scars.
Quest for a wrinkle-free face has been a challenge for me, but even with the time, effort and money spent by all cosmetic manufacturers, few could actually produce a product that would help slow wrinkle formation and remove wrinkles that were formed. But after my Taipei trip, Neroli oil blend has given me another green light.

Massage 2- 4 drops into face, neck & chest using gentle upward strokes (3 times a week in the evening) . Thereafter, use a piece of tissue to dap off the excess oil on your face.

Bryan Lao Shi's antiaging techniques:

I use good cleanser, alternate between skin vita serum and anti aging serum. I do facial steaming once a week and apply clay mask once a week. On top of this, I massage my face using Neroli facial oil 3 times a week and flora water spray as my toner. U can see from my skin care routine, I have reduced the chemical contents to the lowest. It is really important to use less chemical contents. However, sometimes when u switch to natural products, u need to make sure is fresh. Otherwise, it will do more harm. And of course a lot of high chemical content cream contains anti-allergy medicine which enable all skin types to use. However, once u switch to something natural, u may experience a bit allergy at first. But again should be less than 2 days. From today onwards, start to give your skin a break from chemicals...... go natural and you will find that your body, mind and emotion in balance.

Fresh Neroli Oil arrived: $45 20ml email to


sallyneo123 said...

Hi bryan,

i must complimentyour neroli facial oil, i bring it to my beauty salon and ask my beautician to use it to massage my face. And she say is very good. ANd my face very radiant after massage. I also used it in the hair.

Oh you forgot to tell them this bottle lifespan is 6month. :.>
thanks so much for introducing so many info to us.

I am attended your 14 sep workshop, hope u hold the part 2 for us fast. Icannot wait.

Anonymous said...

hi lao shi,
after reading sallyneo123's post, i cant wait for the neroli oil i ordered. i want to try and see for myself. also do you remedy for white/grey hair, i am just 41 years old but got lots of grey, more than those of my age. very troubled. hope u can help.
thanks (from : judy chong)

Mabel said...

Hello Bryan Laoshi

Welcome home and glad you have a good work cum holiday break.

Have a good day ahead ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan Laoshi, welcome home. Glad you hv learnt new techiniques to share with us. I notice you also conduct course for a spa school in singapore. They have a complimentary Parenting Talk abt Baby Massage on 18 Oct at Fuji Xerox Tower. Are you the one giving the talk.

Can we attend?


Dr. Ramprekash Varma, M.D. said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Do you have any sunblock to recommend? And wht is thread vein scar?


Anonymous said...

Hey Rampi,

What are you doing trolling the web and sticking the same stupid comment in every site you see?