Sunday, October 7, 2007

A message from Bryan

Hi folks. I am Siangyun. Helping Bryan to post this message on his behalf. Bryan is still in Taiwan and will be back next week. As u know by now, Taiwan is experiencing one of the worst typhoon and whole Taiwan is affected. According to Edric, Bryan recieved more then 80 emails per day! And among all these emails, many have sent their regards and concerns of his well-being in Taiwan.
So Bryan wants to thank all his dear supporters for your concerns and kind wishes. He wants to tell all of you that he is okie, so not to worry for him. Rain or shine, work still continue for him and holiday still goes on for him :)

At the same time, Bryan wants to remind all of you to stay positive and happy at all times. Remember Bryan's positive affirmation as mentioned in his earlier post? Well, to recap your mind, here it goes:

Bryan's Positive thinking affirmation:
" I am a positive thinker. This day and every day my mind is filled with positive thoughts creating a beautiful and positive life for me."

There are bound to be ups & downs in our lifes and many things seems to be destinated. We may not be able to change things but we can make a choice. A choice to stay unhappy or a choice to be happy. Easy to say then done but the choice is yours.

Using Aromatherapy method to uplift your mood and reduce stress:

One drop of Mandarin Oil onto tissue. Smell slightly for 5-7 times. DO NOT perform deep inhalation with oil. Then imagine a ray of orange light pouring onto u. Think of orange color if u can't imagine. For a start, u may want to look at things which are orange in color. Allow this orange color to be shed onto u and inhale this orange light. Orange is a color of joy. Some may feel their lips wanting to smile on their own, as though they were lifting. U can do this daily. No side effect but it helps to uplift your mood. The smell is exactly like the Mandarin oranges we had during Lunar New Year.

Bryan will reply all your emails as soon as he gets back. Thanks for your patience and support :)

And also, the venue for the first timer workshop conducted on 19th Oct has been confirmed. It will be at Cairnhill CC. Walking distance from Newton MRT. Go to Exit B from MRT, walk up and you will see a sign to the CC.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Bryan Lao Shi is ok.Bryan Lao Shi, dun just work hard, must enjoy your holiday

Mabel said...

Hi Siangyun

Thanks for posting on behalf of Bryan and glad he is okay.
Yes think positive and smile especially during this exam period.

Cheers :)

siang yun said...

No problem at all. I am only carrying out 'instructions' :)
He felt very touched to receive so many well wishes and concerns from his supporters. So he said must not let his supporters worried..must tell u guys that he is safe & sound :D

Anonymous said...

I bought Mandarin oil from Bryan Lao Shi before. It makes me feel like chinese New year!