Monday, October 8, 2007

Write up of Bryan in October issue

Hihi. Its me, Siangyun. Helping Bryan to post this message since he is still not back yet.

Remember he mentioned he will appear in the October issue of Well, the October issue is finally out today. There's a 2 page write-up on Bryan. is a Chinese magazine and I managed to get my copy from the BUZZ kiosk at Bedok Interchange. So check it out ya :D


XueLi said...

Hi Siangyun, glad to hear that Bryan laoshi is fine. Regards

Siangyun said...

Ya. Think a lot of people are worried for him! Hahaha.
Have a good day Xueli :D

Fingertips@Singtrain said...

Dear Bryan

Wishing You Happiness, Good Health and Prosperity on this Special Day!
Happy Birthday and May All Your Dreams Be Fullfilled.

Enjoy Today and many more years to come!

Wendy & All @ SingTrain Academy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Siangyun,

May I know the price for mandarin and lemon oil? Thank you.

Have a nice day:-)

Jane Loo

siangyun said...

Hi Jane.
i dun have the price list with me now. I will check it out & let u know by tomoro k. sorry abt that :)

Anonymous said...

Hi All

No worry, GOD will put Bryan laoshi at the right place and at the right time.

Bryan is highly favour, greatly bless and deeply love

Blessed Birthday to Bryan


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi happy birthday:>

Miss your radio show and your seminar. Hope to hear from u soon.

The facial antiage serum is really good.

thanks alot

siangyun said...

Hi Jane,
confirmed with Bryan, the price for Mandarin oil is $22 and Lemon oil is also $22.