Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am BACK :> More new workshops and seminars on the way

Hi all, I am back from my Taiwan trip. The first thing this morning, is to do my blog, and check my emails (400 over).
Yes. There was a typhoon and it was a great experience for me. Did you buy U.Me magazine, support me la. Many Taiwanese therapist tried my oil. Comments for my oil are all good grade and fresh oil. Hurray !!!

Aromatherapy is a hit in Taiwan. This trip, i learnt to use the 5 elements with aroma oil, which I will release in my new course next year. My all time favourite oils to bring when I travel overseas are, Lavendula Vera, Mandarin Oil, Rosemary and Euclayptus Radiata.
In fact when I arrived Taipei, I had a headache because I had overworked myself in Singapore. But after an aroma bath of 2 drops Rosemary, 2 drops Lavendula and 4 drops Mandarin, all my headache and tiredness disappeared. Look at my beautiful hotel bath tub spa. It makes me so happy.

Neroli facial oil is the topic of the year in Taiwan, and is so expensive. Those who have my Neroli oil, please make good use of it. Latest research shows that Neroli oil rejuvenates skin, anti-stress and wrinkle also. I brought my Neroli oil blended with apricot kernel to show to the other therapists and YES, they say is of a very high grade. Of course lah, I used only fresh Neroli Oil.
There is a new technique of using this oil. I will show u all in my subsequent posts. Oh, I also attended a few beauty and health seminars. Can't wait to share all the information with all of you on FM 97.2 and my i weekly magazine.
The picture above is a series of mask in Taipei. But many contains very bad chemicals for skin. Let me unpack my luggage first and
I will talk to you again tomorrow.


XueLi said...

Hi Bryan laoshi, welcome back. Still trying to get the copy of, seems like going very fast leh!
Though is a short trip away, but know u will also be very tired. Laoshi, must take a good rest first, then go my blog, got lots more food, hehehe. Take care

jessie said...

Helo Bryan Laoshi,
Welcome back!!! Yes yes, managed to grab a copy of U.Me yest. haha..
but havent got the chance to read as yet.
Take care and rest well...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan laoshi

Welcome back!
Take a good rest then u gotto start reading ur email loh :)
Just bought a copy of Oct U.Me from buzz, will read after work.
Rest well!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

Suppose u have cut short your trip as you shd be back on the 11th Oct. Well is good to hear that you are safely back home from all the natural disaster. Take care and rest well.

- Shirley

Anonymous said...

yeah i love the neroli , i think oil is good to use on skin few times a week, very nourishing and no chemical
i can see my skin texture is better after 21sep workshop

thanks bryan


Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

Hi Bryan

Looks like u have had a very enriching week in Taiwan attending seminars/workshops & 考察 your biz related products, not really a holiday for your birthday leh, must be quite hectic & exciting with the typoon at the doorstep.

Did u purposely chose the hotel with spa bath or it's common in Taiwan?

I've attended your Part 1 course at Yamaha on 7.7.07, missed the part 2 at Cairnhill, hope to attend when u conduct again. I visit your blog very often for health tips, thanks for sharing with us. I'm pretty interested in your Neroli facial oil, hope to know more...