Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Immune Boosting, Depression and Neckache Breathing Exercise

Hi all, I will be on radio FM 97.2 today again, sharing with you new soup recipe and vitamins. I will also introduce a breathing exercise that will help to release neckache, depression and mental fatigue. Combine this breathing exercise with aromatherapy gel will help to boost up our immune system.

Combination of breathing exercise & aroma gel recipe:
1. 30ml Aloe Vera gel
2. Two drops of fresh Lemon oil (should smell sweet not too sour)
3. Three drops of Lavendula Vera oil
4. One drop of Peppermint oil

Mix well and apply some at your neck, shoulder and chest when doing this breathing exercise. Need not apply this aroma gel everyday, but you can do the breathing exercise everyday.

Apply a bit of the mixture to neck and shoulder;
1. Sit in a relax manner.
2. Breathe and form a "V" shape as shown on the picture.
3. Breathe out and form a "W" shape.
4. Do this slowly for 7 times.

This aroma gel really comes in handy for me and I always have one bottle in my bag. When things get too hectic and stressful, I simply apply some of it on the back of my neck.
I hope you can give a try to this breathing exercise and you will feel great after it. This breathing exercise also help to fight depression and bodyache too.

I will be in JB giving a workshop with live piano on 24 nov at Foon Yew High School 2.30pm. All my Malaysian friends out there, do come and support me ya. Register here More details will be out soon.

10 comments: said...

Great that you are planning ahead so many workshops for us. Attended you workshop for first timer at Yamaha, Is a eye opening experience. Is like a talk show with so many fun tips. Most important are all very useful knowledge.

My chronic backache has recovered after using ur acupressure method. My maigrain has reduced to once every two month instead of weekly and taking pain killers.

I wish you all the best. I feel all singaporeans should attend your workshop

Mabel said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi

Your blog just answer my thoughts on how to relief neck pain and feeling moody. I will definitely practice this exercise and use the oil (but never bring to office now lay).

I will definitely tuned into 972 this afternoon.

You're really God send, thank you Laoshi and keep up the good job. I'm looking forward to your part 3.

Really appreciate and thank you again :)

Anonymous said...

Cool workshop, my mom attended, i thought they are for aunties but heard alot from my office staff who have attended.

I will attendthe nov one for first timer.

Just a feedback, i agree with sally, my neck pain has recoverd 70% and stop using painkillers now, mom teach me touse acupressure i find it pretty interesting.

thanks bryan


Anonymous said...


Can someone teach me how to relieve neck pain, my friend has been taking painkillers almost everyday and using sanoplast plaster.

Hope to recieve reply, thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bryan 老师

请问您会在 Cairnhill CC 及 星期五以外的地方和日期举办Workshops 吗?您的Workshops for 1st timer 都在星期五,我和朋友都不能参加, 好失望啊!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan,

I still can't find where to buy all those oil, i have very bad migrain, pls help.



Anonymous said...

Bryan Laoshi,
May i know what is "english barley"



Anonymous said...

To get any oil just email bryan for product list he will send u items. Enlish barley is Yang2 yi4 me. U buy ayam brand can already.

I am jennifer bryan lao shi student, guess he busy now with work. So answer for him.

his email is

Also hor bryan lao shi conduct workshop on saturday too, he cannot satisfy everyone, last time when he conduct on saturday people complaint saturday cannot, want him conduct on friday, now he conduct friday people say want saturday aiya, he will arrange something for all soon so be patient.

So dont be disappointed.

Jia you bryan lao shi

jennifer KPO

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks for your help.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer u are so helpful. Thanks a lot.