Monday, November 26, 2007

Amazing Power of Love

This is my second chinese ink painting.

Love is a life force that creates unity and happiness. It is free and easily available within us but many of us are unaware of its power which can help to ease day to day challenges. All the goodness we do like caring, guiding people, helping people, being a good listener and giving speeches are the purest of love because they bring happiness ---- Kuala Lumpur T.selva

It was such a great inspiration when I came across this paragraph in Kuala Lumpur. I thought this is a really nice and heart warming message to share with everyone here. Have you been too busy with your own work or daily chores and forget to smile, love and thanks someone? Think about it. Start exercising simple gestures of love by sending sms to your friends, or even to those whom you have not talk to for ages.
I am going to rest for 2 days and will update the blog with many health information on Friday. So lookout.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi, two thumbs up. Your workshop and your advice really touches my heart.

welcome back. Sorry to have called you when you are in KL and to my surprise u answer.
thanks for advice. Is helpful

S.(called u on saturday 10pm)

Anonymous said...

Petitgrain was a great oil thanks for sharing with us.I think it smells like colonge. Bryan lao shi if i am 5 month preg. now can i use aromatherapy for massage.

Thanks, this is a great blog.


Anonymous said...

have a good rest Bryan Lao Shi. :-)
can really see your effort and hardwork. thanks! await patiently for your more update. Jia You wor!

your chinese ink painting really nice leh!
can pple like me who has no background and really know nothing abt drawing at all learn?

Anonymous said...

Hi i totally have no background this is my second lesson only. I went to attend because this 2 months alot of workshops and seminar in companies and public. In order to take a break i went. Is at takashimaya. heheheh I going again next wednesday.

The teacher very good. Miss Quek quite famous one in ink paintaing. Now than i understand why they say ink painting is another way to develop patient and character ahhaha

Bryan lao shi said...

thanks for answering my questions this morning.I feel ur sincerity and i will try the acupressure u teach me.

May God blessed you lao shi


Anonymous said...

It has become routine that i read your blog. So inspiring.

I suffer from depression but after reading what u wrote. I felt better.

Keepup the good work u are doing.


Anonymous said...

Lao shi, would like to organise a talk in our school, will contact u short while. Just take a good rest now. Many school teachers feedback that your workshop is indeed a very good one.

See u. :>
Mdm chia

mira said...

so true, how many adults are so busy chasing after the so called lives that they desire, that you forgotten how the stars looked at night?

bryan lao shi, i have never attended your workshops before but i am interested. however i aint sure how to sign up or find out more about the topics covered and the costs of the workshop?

take care dude, see you when you are back...

Anonymous said...

wow your chinese ink painting is beautiful. Just share with you that I really benefit from your advice and I am very happy. Hope you continue to spread the wonderful advice with the world. God bless you.