Saturday, November 24, 2007

KL very hot -- They have Tongkat ali ginseng coffee

Hi all!!! Surprise Surprise!!! Managed to lay my hands on a PC and so here I am, blogging again!! Hahahaa
Today is my 3rd day in KL and its kinda of fun. Met up with a few people who are in the beauty and health industry. I think we are so lucky to be living in Singapore because herbs and TCM were so common in Singapore rather than in Kuala Lumpur.
Will interview one or 2 famous people on how they maintained health and beauty with the herbs available in Kuala Lumpur.

Have you guys ever try a 4 in one Nescafe before? I found this new Nescafe whereby they combined Nescafe, tongkat ali , ginseng and coffee. Hey its a 4 in one!!!! I bought a packet and will give some to FM 97.2 Yong Mei, Violet and MC king to try. If possible, I will also give some to you all during my December class. AND PLEASE I DONT SELL Nescafe ahahahahhaa.

I will be back with more good news and soup recipes. I read the comments in the previous posts. Thank you all. You guys are so kind to me and I love u all :)

Oh ya, I will bring in some slimming techniques using massage during my December exercise class. So ladies, try not to put on any foundation when u come for this exercise class ok. Wear casual pants and T shirt( Giordana type ok) and must bring along one big towel.

Guess what i also shocked to find there is a new drink in KL 3 in 1 coffee (Nescafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng with coffee) I bought a packet. Will give some to Violet and Yong mei ^^



Anonymous said...

bryan you vita serum is very good. I find my skin more radiant . Wonder in future in ur package u can put in clearly all ingredient. I am ok one but i just wan u play safe la, u know one kind of rice feed thousand people.

And the lavendula vera is really nice it helps me to sleep better when i perform the handbath with it.


kent said...

haiz,bryan lao shi,i dun drink nescafe...
hav a good trip in kl ah!


Anonymous said...

bryan老師我覺得 您很看得開。。。好好的態度喔。而且您給的advise/价招都超棒的也。贊!!!*笑*

Anonymous said...

Have fun in KL, laoshi! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Reading your blog ve' become one of my daily habits now. And not sure if I'm over sensitive. Notice tt ur writing more & more each time. more & more "saliva". And use diff colors in paragraphs leh...Haha... Just joking. Nothing bad in it k! Most be in extremely good mood ya!!!

Little Dayo

Anonymous said...

hi, Bryan laoshi, good evening,

i need to consult you as to where you buy the cosmopolitan eye gel that you recommend in your blog.may i know the price? And how to use the serum that you recommend to us.i am new to it and would like to know more about it.Thank You.can you please send to my e-mail at yinsxnie@singnet.Thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

Lao shi ah, you have very good ren Yuen. Attendedthe retreat conducted by you at Bintan. It leaves a very deep impression to me. I still use your fengmen xue to prevent flu. It works.

thanks so much for your effort and time.

hui yue

Anonymous said...

I want to attend your workshop bryan lao shi, but i think the 14 Dec one is full house. Because you have not replied me.

My aunty Gina lim attended, she say was very good and entertaining and her knee cap is better after pressing Yong Quan point. Please organise one more in Jan. I have 4 person here want to attend.

I just email you hope u did receive.